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May 31, 2006


(Thanks to sharon share-alike)


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Hey, that's not funny! (First!)

My mind's eye is picturing some meat wearing cowboy boots, wickedly spurring the meat under it, while clowns run around the ring.....

scuse me while I go poke out my mind's eye.

Two Words!


the sandwich "captures people's imagination"? Even I don't want that much out of my fast food.

I'd like to order some meat topped with meat, with a side of meat and a diet meat to drink please. Supersize that.

So a guy named Salter is writing about fatty foods? Makes sense to me.

Sounds like a few too many people are on the Aitkins diet.

107 grams of fat in ONE sandwich?!?!? SICK!

And a diet Coke, please.....

I'd also like a defibrillator, please

Diet Coke

Billy Bob: "Whew! We've been out on this range all day!"

Jimmy Joe: "Yeah, maybe we should make a sandwich."

Billy Bob: "Nah, this saddle made my buns sore."

Jimmy Joe: "Maybe I should clarify."

No - if you order that meal, you should not be allowed to order a Diet Anything!

Casey -- I'm afraid you've just described my ideal meal.


My first simulpost...and it's a triple!!!

I may need a cigarette...and I don't smoke.

Wow - your first was a triple blurkernomore?? How DARING!

Do they offer to supersize that sandwich?

CR, the first one is the scariest. I've heard it gets easier after that.

1 philly cheesesteak thickburger and large fries = 91g fat

1 stick of butter = 93g fat

Daily allowance of fat = 65g

This might be a better drink choice.

OK Lab - Gimme one PC thickburger with a stick of butter on the side please.

been monitoring judi's threads...severed penis, assorted tales of men's anatomical parts, naked men, women beating up men...

This comes as such a complete shock.

Personally, I thought that the "meat-on-meat" sandwich being the "butt" of many jokes was my favorite part...

"Let's see, I'll have a Thickburger, extra mayo, large order of fries, and ... ohhh.. throw on a triple bypass surgery while you're at it. That'll be to go."


You know what would be a great addition to top off this sammie? Eggs! Fried eggs.

Maybe some bacon. And sausage. Sausage is good on everything.

CR: Want that side of butter salted, or unsalt... oh who am I kidding! We don't even CARRY unsalted!

Lab, down here in the South, convenience stores sell sauges wrapped in pancakes on a STICK! Some people will eat anything. As Hardee's well knows.

Robert Klein did a bit where his mom was the authority of how long you should wait after eating to go swimming based on what you had eaten... it was something like jello = 10 minutes , franks and beans = you can never go swimming again!
if you eat this, you can never go swimming again, unto the fourth generation...

Wonderful Lab - Now it is starting to sound like the perfect meal for This Guy!

with gravy Casey

Well, of course, with gravy. What else would go with sauges? Or a sausage for that matter?

Sorry Casey - I took your "sa" to put on top of my sandwich.

Ingredients include: "Cheesesteak". Double You Tee Eff is Cheesesteak?! I mean, it's gotta come off a cow - I get that. But what part?

When I was in college, I took a nutrition class to satisfy an elective. I swear that I am not making this up (tm dave barry): the professor told us that to make our burger-and-fry meals better balanced, we should order them with milk, not pop. The mere thought makes me ill, and I love milk.

With that in mind, maybe we should just place orders for the whole cow.

I love the blog. I love meat and the blog. The only thing better would be the blog topped with meat with a side of snork. And Fed Duck for desert. With gravy. And cheese.

I love meat, the blog and cheese. Is is 5:00 yet?

In my nutrition class we learned that milkshakes are more nutirient dense (more nutrients for a set amount of calories) and lower in fat than ice cream, so... milkshakes are healthy!! YAY! for milkshakes!! and chocolate malts!!!

Not totally off topic....

Anybody see the Simpson's episode where Homer sets up a home office, and uses a stick of butter as a pencil holder - and spends all day licking the pencils???


my cousin's daughter used to eat butter. She'd get into the fridge, unwrap the sticks and chomp away. My cousin had to store it in the back of the freezer where her little girl couldn't get to it. Gross. She would scoop butter from the tub with her fingers and then make fingernail marks to make it look like the cat had gotten into it. She didn't stop until she was 6 or 7 years old.

this is such a guy thing... what is it about "meat", anyway???

Ok, but is it kosher?

"guy thing", "meat"

tee hee

This sounds like Edgar talking about his diet.

I've always said that if you put enough butter and cream in anything it will taste delicious!

Kudos to sharon sa for a sexy fast food story! Who knew??!? :)

Until a few months ago, I worked in the same building as Hardee's corporate HQ. They had a test kitchen and offered us free lunches to "test" the new menu items. I declined, but did notice those participating were, um, gradually expanding, so to speak. Now I know why.

Also, I have to say that Hardee's apparently has issues with gender identification as evidenced by Hardee's sister chain, Carl's Jr....

And, kudos to Sharon SA; even with her neck in a sling, she can get posted.

"Monster Thickburger" WBAGNFARB...or a porn star...or a pornographic rock band, don't ya think?

Lotsa Meat WBAGNFARB, too, methinks.

mmmmmmmmmmm heart attack

My girlfriend once referred to getting a new boyfriend as "new meat". I guess it's not solely a "guy thing".

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