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May 26, 2006


...from school meals, anyway.


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whew - glad I finished my spleen omelette before I read that article! Yuck!!

Rack of rectum anyone?

That is the menu on an average Thursday here at Castle Acula, Transylvania.
Bon Appetit!

Nobody would eat that crap anyway. Seems to me, you put that on the menu and they'll all lose weight, just throwing up while reading it.

Notably missing from the list: Penis.

Rectums? They're like opinions ... every Horse's A$$ has got one (at least) ...

and ...

Rectum? Hell, dang near killed 'em ...

This is why British food is the, um, butt of so many jokes....

mud - we all know penis is perfectly edible, just ask her

*puts down fork of twirled spinal cord*

*looks at brain soup in utter bowl*

...aah, aren't the intestines what cover the sausages? How can the English survive without sausages????

or her

snork@ O/the U...

but, might i add............icky, icky, patoooey!

OMG! I finally pulled my head out of my wastebasket after reading the first paragraph and realized... The reason this *ick, gross, gaack* is being banned is that the kids are getting FAT off of it!

Thank God for Jamie Oliver.

that's offal awful.

A real case of udder neglect by the respleensible parties. I hope someone with a stomach for the job and a little spinal cord will step up and grab the situation by the testes. It will take some intestinal fortitude and brains to tackle the job, but I'm sure our Brit brethren will soon hit the ground on both feet and fill their lungs with the heady air of success and help me figure out how to fit oesophagus oin oto othis onarrative.....

Is this asinine?

Here in the south we call it using every part of the pig but the oink.


I was wondering if that's the way the Brits spell it.

Now that our official language is English, as opposed to American, I guess we'll all have to buy American to English Dictionaries, and learn how to speak it. (Really, there are several in print.)

thank god I can still order my favorite -- ovary-stuffed duodenum with prostate dressing, and a side of trachea.

Ok, Betsy ~ a giant EEEEEEEEEEWWWWW and gag to you.

"Brains, lungs, rectum, stomach, feet, oesophagus, spinal cord, testicles, large intestine, small intestine, spleen and udder", add water and stir.

Recipe makes one ex-husband. Brain optional.

thank you Punkin, and *snork* at your recipe.

one more question: Was this action taken by a rump Parliament???

yahaaaa, punkin.

actually, i dont miss my ex.

but i'm working on my aim.

queensbee - I heard it like

"I miss my ex - but my aim is getting better!"

You can't have any pudding if you don't eat your meat! How can you have your pudding if you don't eat your meat!?!?

Errr, I guess pudding's not all that important to me after all...

Hurl, Brittania.

Don't laugh. You don't know what goes into the burgers in your friendly local restaurant...

*snorks Meanie

I guess that means that some of our senators can no longer be part of the meals.

I suppose this means the cooks will no longer get a little behind in their work.

Sondra, 1.3 billion Chinese aint nobody. They eat that plus cats n' rats n' elephants and you know what? Tastes just like chicken.

as a chinese, i must state that we don't eat cats or rats. Dogs preferred in parts of Korea, bats in parts of Taiwan, but snakes do taste like chicken.

Depends on the snake. Rattle snake tastes like...Snake.

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