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May 26, 2006


Sent in by fivver, who comments:

Oh momma,
Can this really be the fact?
I'll be played in a stupid movie
By a chick who cannot act


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She's certainly near as ugly as he is.

Maybe they want someone who can have their words understood.

Sun-Times reviewer Hoekstra, a.k.a. "Skater Ho"

The times, they are cross-dressin'.

Bob Dylan has a show on XM radio?!
Why am I the last to know EVERYTHING?!

Ok... now... What's XM radio, again?

Can't act??? Are you crazy? Cate Blanchett is only one of the most talented actresses in the world. Lord of the Rings? The Aviator? Queen Elizabeth? Guess those Oscar nominations don't mean much.

I second that - Cate Blanchett is incredibly talented. I also read an article that intimated she plays an alter-ego of Dylan when he was young. So, I don't believe she is going to play him, if that makes any sense.

She's talented and pretty

too pretty to play dylan.

Are you guys nuts? Blanchett is gorgeous and an amazing actress.

She's typecast and wants to show she can act....and mumble, apparently.

Hey, I just pass along the comments.

Of course Dylan is neither gorgeous nor an amazing actress.

Loved Cate in "The Gift"... Although I was momentarily distracted by the fact Katie Holmes did a topless scene....

Had to rewind that a few dozen times.

I know I'm a male chauvinist pig, but at least I'm consistent...

...A cross between a labrador and a beer can

Now if you wanna see ugly, check out Dylan in that Victoria's Secret tv ad....*shudders*

how many roles must an actress portray
before she gets cast as a man?
yes, if Dylan's feminine side is such a plum job
then can she do it without getting panned?
if a queen, elf, and Hepburn prepared her for this
was this new movie script even planned?
Cate Blanchett, my friend
Is Robert Zimmerman
Cate Blanchett is Robert Zimmerman.

Happy to see others who had the same reaction I did. Cate's a wonderful actress, and she's refined and lovely.

Why is it the women are the ones talking about how hot she is and the men are putting her down? Did I fall into some sort of weird vortex?

Ann - I, too, am confused.....please hold me.

Although if she can play Dylan and make us believe it we should just give her ALL the Oscars. And Heath Ledger will play him too? And who else? Maybe it's like the Aristocrats where all those comedians tell the same joke. It's just Dylan impressions by all of the Australian actors...

AWBH: *hug*

it's because her ramparts are real...

My e-hug was robot-screened! Ouch!

crossgirl - of course my ramparts are real - what does that have to do with anything?

Other films in the works:

Halle Berry as Jimi Hendrix
Courtney Love as Jim Morrison
Kiefer Sutherland as Courtney Love
Robert Downey Jr. as Janis Joplin
David Bowie as David Bowie

Sheesh. It freaking RHYMES!

Dear confused women of the blog: please refer to the original comment. While it contains the phrase "chick who cannot act" the gist of the remark is a lamentation of the fact that Bob Dylan, icon, poet, troubadour, troubled conscience of today's youth, hero to many geezers, is being desecrated in film. Ramparts or not.

Mike: I think the part of Janis Joplin should be played by Ozzie Osbourne, or maybe Homer Simpson.

mudstuffin: no sh*t

Well you could have delved further, seen the Richard Gere part, and written "dude who cannot act." She can. He can't. Nuff said.

I would say that she was a lovely talented actress, mainly because my wife draged me to see Elizabeth. Which made me want to see more of her movies. But Y'all would only think I was trying to garner points.
BTW: She was great in Veronica Guerin, The Aviator, Pushing Tin and the Shipping News.

*snork* Courtney Love.

JoG: Welcome to the correct side of the vortex.

"I'll be played in a stupid movie
And even by a chick, at that!"


The 37-year-old Australian actress is one of seven actors to play Dylan at various stages of his career in the biopic, “I’m Not There,” tentatively scheduled for release next year. She’ll portray a specific aspect of Dylan’s personality, embodied by an androgynous singer-songwriter character named Jude, according to Killer Films, the movie’s production company

Darn, I forgot the second G in Dragged.
Ty Ann.

Tamara, see www.xmradio.com for all about XM radio. Greatest thing since sliced bread, in my biased view (I work indirectly for xm).

Haven't you ever noticed that sometimes on any continuum if you go to the extreme in one direction you actually become your own opposite?
(Well if the continuum were bent so that the far ends touched.) ...Sorry I was having a Star Trek flash back.

But that's how I feel about Dylan. He's so narly he's attractive and his voice is so bad it's good. He is unique and interesting man ... from a distance.

Rand said, "Blanchett is gorgeous and an amazing actress."

Well, they're gonna have to make a mask out of an old shriveled brown beach ball, or I'm gonna ralph when I see the movie. I do NOT want to see a "gorgeous" Bob Dylan.

Next: Tea Leoni as Rush Limbaugh in his Bikini Phase.

I love both Bob Dylan AND Cate Blanchett. She'll be great (or at least interesting) playing him when he was young (and less gnarly looking).

Halle Berry as Jimi Hendrix
Courtney Love as Jim Morrison
Kiefer Sutherland as Courtney Love
Robert Downey Jr. as Janis Joplin

multiple snorks @ mike a.

Ann:I think with a face and body like that she certainly IS the most talented actress I can presently think of~~~~~

"When he found fans flocking to his Woodstock, New York home in the 1960s, he said, "I wanted to set fire to these people.""

I'm seriously getting freaked out here. Somebody get Stephen King, stat. Was Bob Dylan the muse for Clay in "Cell"....which, have I mentioned, I just finished reading TODAY...?

Ever notice how once you see the term "flock-burning", it kind of appears everywhere?

Hi. Still new here. Third post today and second one about this subject (see robo-roaches). I'm going to shut up now. Unless the next post above is about FLOCK BURNING or COLLECTIVE INTELLIGENCE or...

No way am I sleeping tonight.

Truman Capote as Barry Manilow?

Barry Manilow as Truman Capote?

As my fellow Dylan fans expressed, "Bob Dylan had an androgenous phase?!"

Well...I suppose we'll find out.

snork @ O.the U

Hillary Swank as Donovan
Donovan as Bob Dylan in his androgynous phase (what's a phase, anyway?)
American Idol Taylor Hicks as Jay Leno
Richard Dreyfus as Ken Lay
Bette Midler as Barry Manilow
Harry Potter as Dave Barry

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