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May 22, 2006


Frankly, gators seem to be a bit more mellow...

(Thanks to CoastRaven)


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"No place to sit. The jail was all filled up."

Note to self--do NOT move to Baltimore.

Sounds like every cop in Baltimore is the kind they send to patrol the Atlanta airport dropoff/pickup area - the ones being punished for disciplinary problems.

Well, if they keep hauling people in for asking for directions or reporting home burglaries, it's no wonder their jails are all filled up.

NEbuddy got a spare room that is NOT in Bawlmer?

ISIANMTU - Bawlmer is ready to introduce it's new city slogan (remember "The City that Reads" and "Believe"). after 1/2 million dollars of focus groups they have come up with - "Baltimore - Get In On It" - little do outsiders realize they are really talking about getting in on Central Booking.

Snork! @ CR (psst - congrats, Buddy)

Well, if they keep hauling people in for asking for directions or reporting home burglaries, it's no wonder their jails are all filled up.


Okay, so you can't ask a cop for directions and you can't report a crime to them in Baltimore. What is it exactly that they do? I'm not exactly clear on that.

Ok, in Farenheit 451, the Firemen started the fires... What do Cops in Baltimore do?

Hint: Bagels are the Other round bakery product with a hole in the middle...

KOW, the answer is obvious. They harass people who ask for directions or call to report a crime.

What do Cops in Baltimore do?

We've been askin that question for YEARS!

They're there to Protect and Serve. Protect you from people with no sense of direction, and serve you jail food if you make them mad by reporting actual crimes.

"He says"............... Yes its been far too long. Time to check out an episode of COPS. Baltimore episode.

"Miller said police responded, but it was Capp who got locked up in his sweatpants and socks."
How do you get locked up in sweatpants? Did they have a knot in them?

See? SEE? The cops up here are certifiable! Once, a cop followed me around my neighborhood because I was committing the dastardly crime of looking for a parking spot after work. Apparenly using my turn signal to turn onto my street is what set him off.

Ann: At least you did not get a ticket for properly working brake lights!

Speaking of that - I have a headlight out... gotta get to the store b4 sundown. If you see me on the police blotter tomorrow, you know I didnt get there in time.

When I said I was a taxpayer, the handcuffs went on me," Capp said. "He said to me, I'm going to show you your tax dollars at work. That's what the cop said to me.

I know it's out of character for me, but I love this cop. I'll show you your tax dollars at work!!


OK. I'm done now.
*giggles some more*
tax dollars at work *snork*

Really. I'm done.

*zips out*

El - me, too. How many times has this cop heard, "You know I pay your salary!" If I had a nickel from every one who told me that, well...then...I guess they WOULD pay my salary.

"Charm City" is at it again. The ever vigilant Balmer Police are, one again, proving that "Balmer is for Crabs!"

Maybe they just ought to decide that their new slogan should be "At least we're NOT Bayonne!"

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