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May 25, 2006


Yaw Frimpong


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Best name of the day period. *SNORK*

Bodomase near Kumawu in the Sekyere East District. Yaw Frimpong. Somehow, they just go together.

By the way does this blog have a 'secret word of the day' game going on? If so, I guess ruminant. I've rarely seen that word before today and this makes twice in one blog. It's too much coincidence.

Yaw Frimpong anagrams to "any wimp frog." And either WBAGFARB.

Sheesh - nothing like being remanded in Kumawu. What would that make their citizens: Kumawuians? Kumawu-ites?

*tosses up an "of a" for KOW*

Yaw Frimpong ==> angry of wimp

*how would Dave write this one up?*

...Yaw, meaning literally, "My parents hate me", and Frimpong, meaning "ruminant stealer"

nice obi, also "May ping Worf" or "Pig may frown"

Also: "frap Wyoming" and "rip of my wang"

a goat valued at 260,000 cedis

$28.40 doesn't buy as much goat as it used to.

MOTW - Ouch!

And even "imp fawn orgy."

Yaw Frimpong -
yaw: to swerve off course temporarily or permanently
Fr: abbreviation for French
imp: a small demon
Ong: a rural town in Clay County, Nebraska

Conclusion: a secret message from Dave for the little French demon in Ong, Nebraska to...um...swerve?

fudtheman and MOTW, if we get one more person involved, would we be playing doubles Frimpong?

a grim WF pony, seeking...

I wonder what Frimpong uses for rackets? This, perhaps?

...And obi wan up to serve

*whiffs by fudtheman*


"And DON'T Frimpong the patte"

I'm a little disappointed. I thought the goat was on trial for stealing... Okay, I had HOPED.

Grip my fan. Ow!

A pigmy frown.

Paw of my gin!

That makes you realize how expensive goats are here. In Colorado, they sell for about $25 a head for wethered males.

"If you wanna float, don't steal the white goat." (apologies to Laid Back)

Wethered male goat -kids- that is, not full-grown, ready-to-be-eaten goats.

So Yaw was remanded; what the hell happened to the poor goat, who just spent the week being bounced around like a frimpong ball?

Betsy, I'm thinking he was sent back to the Chop House (Our special this evening is Bodomase cabrito with a nice Bernaise sauce). Either that, or the owner is auctioning him off on e-Bay. (starting bid: 300,000 cedis.)

"Aggies Chop Bar"? Were they going to cut the goat apart and sell it for parts? It would never have been traced that way...

*snorks marf

Yeah, it's a real problem there, they goat-jack you, take it the the Chop Bar, sneak the parts over to Sekyere West District...

if you want to ride (dum, dum) don't ride the white goat

Wun Hung Lo

The article doesnt even mention that in Sekyere East District, a double gin and tonic will run you about 263,000 cedis.

*snorks MoFaux

Warning! If you're going to sell for parts, remember to grind off the Ruminant Identification Number from every single chop.

So ... they arrested the guy for stealin' (or not) a goat.

Now, can we get the "reporter" arrested for felonious misuse of a semicolon?

BTW, belated thanks to fudtheman for letting me ace him on that serve in the first game of professional Frimpong ever played... And RIGHT HERE on Dave's blog, who woulda thunk it?... (OK, if Frimpong is going to go professional {or even AMATEUR at that rate}, where ELSE but on Dave's blog?...)

YW, obi wan. But in my defense, it's my first time handling a beaver tail....

ooooooh, don't read too much into that.

(first thought) *SNORK

(second thought)... No, you said don't read too much into that, so I won't...

Farm pony wig.

fud, NO WAY... (works it out...) yeah, guess it does...

Frying a womp


Mr. Fig? No way!

damn, no "p" in that one...ooops. And "Mr. P. Fig? No way!" is really stretching that one.

FYI - Wrong map

Y own pig farm?


(ok, so it's a jpeg, and also has the Dalai Lama in it)

My last one for the night-

my link got lost in the ether:

Farming Wopy

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