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May 23, 2006


The Stalking Stork

(Thanks to marfie)


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Gerhard needs a golf club or tennis racket.

A little-known side effect of fertility drugs...

Well, Mister Gerhard is a little old, but perhaps his wife is keeping something from him.........

I'm sure when the bird finally leaves, he won't have any egrets.

Has Mr. Schneider checked his front door step? When a stork taps on your bedroom window, that's a pretty big hint--even if you are 72.

Attention, Alfred Hitchcock, for that matter.

They should try to be stoic about this.

Stalking Storks WBAG alliterative NFARB and competition for the Counting Crows.

Every time I try to sleep, a spork knocks on my window.

Stalking storks? The photo looks like stacking storks.

and yes, I'm seeking *snorks* shortly.

May the storks be with you

I have three words for Mr. Schneider: Thirty Ought Six

AWBH, I think that might be Stroking Storks

(sorry. had to.)

snorking stork flauts Krouts?

and that's Thirty aught six

Krauts, dammit

i snorked a stork, a stork i snorked, and on this.. . nah, that doesnt work.

i have no egrets either, ha.

but there's nothing a brick wouldnt do . . .

and flouts.

*wanders off muttering*

"I'm sure when the bird finally leaves, he won't have any egrets."


I dunno, it all seems kind of loon-y to me...

Once upon a midnight dreary...

This would be enough to make me fly over the cuckoos nest.

Smirking storks smite snoring Schneider.


Time to change mama's perfume? Some of that stuff does smell like a stork in heat.

not that I ever smelled one, just musing.

That's nothing. I've got woodpeckers threatening to sell nude pictures of me on Ebay.

Try saying "stalking storks" three times fast/.

Or "Brandenburg an der Havel" even once.

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