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May 02, 2006


Here's a company that says it has developed an infrared see-through filter. This has many scientific applications, as we can see from this demonstration.

(Via Gizmodo)


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Well, that demonstration has convinced me.

That and I'm going to go buy one of those mannequins.....

Hubba Hubba....

the writing becomes clearer through wet cloth

Oh MY! Or ICK! I'm not really sure......

Yeah, I'm goin' with ICK!

I'm getting me one of those right now. And going out to do frield research.

erm, dave, is there a theme to today's posts?

PF. Crapcam. Just sayin'.

hardkaur ~

Obviously Dave has already purchased one of these...hence the current blog themes.

this is nothing new, you used to be able to order this in goggle form from the back of the comic books right next to the sneezing dust and itching soap.

There's a theme?

Maybe that explains it. Was hoping the fact that there is a 24 post doesn't mean that mrs. blog has sent him to the couch, therefore explaining the recent trend in postings.

and Mom said x-ray specs wouldn't work!

T-h-e-m-e = The hotties every man enjoys.

So let me see, they demonstrate this with mannequins and peep through their tops. And a few months from now when they're sued, they're going to be shocked - *SHOCKED* - that someone would dare use their brilliant invention to unknowingly and violatingly peep through people's clothes as this was NOT their intention. At all. Clearly.

snork @ KOW.

KOW - why wait a few months? Find a shop that sells this filter, wait outside in a skimpy dress, and let your retirement fund find you!

"and let your retirement fund find you!"


Annie...you are sooooo bad.

Imagine the disappointment when it becomes apparent to the pervs that buy this that most (respectable) wffdomen don't just wear a flimsy, see through, knit black dress. Most wear opaque undergarments underneath, for both support and to avoid that "gee, I feel really naked" biz...

hope the blond chick had on sun block. this will really mess up Superman.

WTFBBQ?!?!? wffdomen = women

But then again, there are probably some people you do NOT want a view underneath the hood.

djtonyb - upon what research, pray tell, do you base your theory that most respectable women don't wear flimsy, sheer undergarments?

*snaps a picture of Annie*

Lab, that will cost you.

*Hands Annie a PF-equipped camera*

Come to think of it, when I put a wet cloth over my writing, it becomes clearer. Especially when the cloth is soaked in beer.

Meanie - I can't do it -please don't make me!
Hey, the camera melted!

Well, now ... maybe this is an example of what is produced by this wonder filter.

Annie - I'm sayin' that their undergarments are not composed of the sheer knit fabric the dress is made from... you can see this effect with no filters on some stars that make the mistake of wearing the little black dress, and the flash hits 'em just right - poof! That dress that looked good in a mirror becomes about as effective as saran wrap.

And I was sayin' that most respectable women would wear undergarments under said dress... flimsy or not... but if you're wearing a little black knit dress and you're serious about it, you should have a figure that warrants some more support than flimsy... just sayin'

SNOEK@Annie. That may very well be an option because heaven knows I'm not actually working here.

...or SNORK. Whatever you prefer.

I ordered a pair of X-ray glasses from the back of a comic book when I was little once. They cost a whopping $1.50....

Surprisingly, when I got them 12 weeks later, they didn't work!

I know. I'm as shocked as you are...

I kinda prefer SNOEK - means you're laughing so hard you can't see the keyboard.

djtonyb - maybe you need to do more 'undercover' research. ;)

Clark Kent = Superman. Do you really need them ? I mean, I thought you already HAD X-Ray vision,etc.

This is actually quite scary. God knows I wouldn't want to see pix of mom on the internet!!! What about the kiddie porn industry??? DON'T THESE PEOPLE THINK?????????

That being said, I certainly wouldn't mind to borrow them for a few minutes... I have some new neighbors...

Clark maybe you can answer me this question, why is it that when Superman wants to use his X-Ray vision he alwasy has to partially remove his glasses? And why doesn't his x-ray vision work all the time, what mystical ability makes it possible to turn on and off his x-ray/laser beam vision?

Pervs of the world, rejoice! :P

*can hardly wait until beautiful women start stuffing signs reading 'Bite Me, Pervs!' into their shirts*

Good ol' Uncle Screwtape...

....or 'For Sale' signs.

insom....wait no longer.

I was thinking more along the lines of 'This Space For Rent.'

....or "For rent--cheap!"

Um, guys? I don't quite see where it says that the ladies are incapable of using these filters in the same manner as demonstrated.

Annie - webcam?

Of course, the ladies are WAY above doing that.

Yes, I agree, so long as undergarments are worn this stuff is not as usefull. On the other hand it can be fun to spy on neighbors.

That particular camera has been on sale for a while.

MC - you need new Underoos.

You're right. Wait...noooooooo !!!!!

OH, so the photographer who took the picture of John Kerry's daughter two years ago was field testing this filter?

That's not a Crap Cam - that's a Creep Cam!

Since no one has addressed this yet... why do the mannequins have darkened nipples?

Wow. Adv, I did not notice. You must have been looking very closely.

[heavy breathing]
Why do they have those...
[gasp, pant]

I only remove my glasses when I use the heat vision because otherwise I would melt them and have you priced eyeglasses lately? I am only a lowly journalist, you know....

And turning my X-ray vision on and off is kind of like that mystical ability all men have to selectively listen to their wives or girlfriends. We hear EVERY word when they're talking about food or sex but put them on mute if they're talking about their day or shopping or "the relationship" or... well, pretty much anything but food or sex....

Well put, and SNORK!

Adversary - are you saying you don't?

This (filter) sorta reminds me of the old "grain filter" developed in Hollywood many years ago ... photo enthusiasts may have heard the story of how it came to be, and how well it werked ... merely sayin' ...

Who in the world wants a respectable woman anyhow?By the way,mannequin number two looks H-O-T, but is it just me, or does she seem to have a chip on her shouder?

Err... SHOULDER, dammit!

double *SNORK* at Tamara...

Gives new meaning to the term "bird watching" for both genders.

This is why it took Clark 60 years to finally marry the only girl he was dating.

No comments on Bruce...

Like I said these cameras are not new...

"...it is not able to achieve much by itself."

Yeah, I know that s*cks. I have a brother like that.

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