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May 26, 2006


Good for Art.


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Heaven can't have him! We aint done with him yet!

Saw a documentary on PBS the other night about Bob Newhart, and it mentioned his less-then-successful 1964 TV series "The Entertainers," on which Art was a regular. Newhart explained that the show failed because it was to diffuse: In an effort to get kids to watch they had pop stars on, then Art would come out and say "Well I guess you know what happened in Congress this week..." and all the kids in the studio audience would just stare and say "What's Congress?"
Nice to see Art hangin' in there...

REALLY good for Art. Seems he has quite a bit left to do. Glad he's sticking around to do it!

Grew up reading the Washington Post and Art was always on my list of must reads (once I understood what he was talking about).
Good for him.

If there ever was a man who should be given the opportunity to deliver his own eulogy and who could deliver it with aplumb, it is Mr. Buchwald. My only reservation is that it would be broadcast during a PBS Pledge Drive week.

WTG, Art ... glad you've got an agenda, again ... enjoy the grandkids ...

"Go Art, GO!"
"Go Art, GO!"
"Out the door, down the beach,"
"Go Art, GO!"

rock on, art!

They said that Pope John Paul II taught us to die with dignity... Art is teaching us to pass on with style!

Wait. Art is dying of kidney failure and he is writing a column twice a week? And Dave is in the pink of health and he is currently writing a column, how often?

Of course, I realize that column writing cannot be done at the expense of more important things - like blogging. But still.

And another thing. Can an African-American be in the "pink" of health? Would they want to be?

He's got a lot left to give to the world. Have fun Art! We want to keep you as long as we can!

"It is reasonable to expect the doctor to recognize that science may not have all the answers to problems of health and healing." ~ Norman Cousins

Norman Cousins discovered the secret to surviving beyond a so-called "inevitable death sentence", and I suspect it's a philosophy Art Buchwald heartily subscribes to! Laughter and optimism are often responsible for a spontaneous extension of life--even in cases where medicine had deemed such a thing impossible. (I've seen it it action, I know it works...)

Thank you for sharing this hopeful article, Dave... another wonderful news blip I shall happily pass on to someone who might be in need of a gentle boost in optimism.

YAY Art! I've been reading his columns in the Wash.Post since he started writing from his hospice bed - again.

What a guy!

Art is who I want to be when I grown up. Minus the penis, of course.

Good for Art. I guess that he still has alot of unfinished business here on earth.

Yeah, Punkin, there is that whole penis thing ...

Old writers never die, they just lose their kidneys, only to have miraculous prolongation of life that no one anticipated.

Wait- that didn't go where I expected.

Art Buchwald. Still a miracle.

What a guy. What marvellous perspecive! Props to you and your kidneys, Art!

Props to you and your kidneys, Art!

Just a note to people who don't understand punctuation: The above is very different from:

Props to you and your kidney's Art!

"Art is who I want to be when I grown up. Minus the penis, of course."

This sounds like something my niece (who goes to Cal Berkley) might say. Only she would mean "art" not Art.

Her father, (my brother, who is an artist) has said that "Making art is like running around a tree faster and faster till you finally f**k yourself in the a$$."

So you can see why she's confused.

mud - I guess you have to make that "running around the tree naked..."

You guys are letting me down. No one has written a Kidney love song yet? What gives?

*taps foot impatiently waiting for insom, c-bol, or mudstuffin*

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