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May 23, 2006


We are staying the hell out of the attic.


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Getting buzzed before being eaten is probably better than getting eaten without being buzzed.

Not that I would know.

That's about all I got too. They go from spaced out to buzzed. I'm generally the other way around.

scientists used suction cups to attach acoustic recording tags to the backs of sperm whales.

Squid #1: "Hey! Look what's headed our way!
Squid #2: "What's that on his back?"
Squid #1: "He's...*snork*...wearing his heavy-duty Squid Disguise! Did you ever see anything so...?

Sperm Whale: *chomp*!

"As the creature closes in on the squid" Go, Whale, Go!

This blurker wonders what Dave's got in his attic if he's worried about Sperm Whale Echolocation.

which wbagnfarb. Duh. :)

Innocent squid: "Oh crap! I've just been 'pinged'"

am feeling embarrased now for the new england history that is based on the whaler's hunt for the mighty blind-as-a-bat-and-therefore-not-so-challenging sperm whale.

"He's got radar-lock on me! Dangit, who's got my back-tentacles?!"

I can understand Dave bein afraid of this idea... I wouldnt want a pod of sperm whales hangin from the rafters of my attic either. In fact, I dont want nuthin sperm related hangin from my rafters.

That would be including yourself, Coast???
*wide-eyed look*

yes El - I dont want my sperm related stuff hangin from rafters... I like it right where it is.

Sperm Related Stuff WBAGN... no it wouldn't.

...I'm lost...does Dave have Whales in his attic? Or Bats?

"Call me Ishmael....wanna come up to my attic and see my sperm pod collection?"

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