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May 25, 2006


Adultery and insecticide do not mix.

(Thanks to chicomathmom)


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Jit them on the head with it? Hey, that could have been SOooo much worse. I'd take this as good news.

I meant HIT of courwse. Not "jit," whatever that means.

Ol' Chum...No kidding! I was expecting a Deadly Nerve Gas story...or maybe I'm still in '24' withdrawal.

It was probably just the closest thing at hand. Lucky they don't keep bricks lying around in convenient piles ...

Why didn't she just spray them?

See, I KNEW there would be another canister!!!

*wondering why she didn't launch the Raid can with a douchenator

BTW, Cornelia Cottrell Smith anagrams to "accent limits rotor hell."

Show of hands...how many of you, upon reading the headline, assumed this story would somehow end with the guy's penis detached from his body, given recent blog entries on the subject?

Well, if it did, I 'm sure his spouse would think he'd deserved it. And anyway, I thought bug spray was supposed to take care of vermin. What happened?

I don't know of any insecticides that could cause penal detachment...

I'm with Chum. I expected some sort of fumigation, not just that she hit them in the head. Seems to me they got lucky.


The Raid can? Although I've occasionally used the analogy of cockroaches for cheating husbands, I never meant it literally.

Where were the husband and the other woman, um, "busy", that there was a can of Raid handy?

Squirlcat41: Yeah, this guy sounds like pure class.

Mental note: Don't take bimbo to the house where my wife lives.

Now that I think of it, the wife didnt have a bad can when ya get right down to it.

& Betsy, don't feel bad - when I first read the headline I thought it said "Audrey and insecticide don't mix"

None of this would have happened if it weren't for that darned nosy neighbor!

Chianca, how right you are. A word to the wise:

In our ongoing quest to get laid
There's an onerous price to be paid.
Ere startin' your flirtin'
Please draw shut the curtain
Or get bopped on the noggin with Raid.

Hair spray and cig. lighters make good flame throwers .... least that's what I saw on TV!

....yep, good times

Why didn't she just spray them?


Where were the husband and the other woman, um, "busy", that there was a can of Raid handy?

Under the kitchen sink?

Jeff, he's probably thinking, "Under the kitchen sink! She'll never think to look here!"

... good thing they weren't in the wood shed!

On WCRE right NOW "My Baby Does the Hanky Panky"!!!!


ummmm - Jeff, I really don't want to say that "under the sink" IS where you would find the c0ck-roaches, so I'll skip that reference.

*snork* @ Ford79

Scott - given the recent blog entries, I'm still unwilling to raise my hands. Sorry.

Ford79: Thank you, that needed to be said and the muse has left me. (Something about the toolshed, I don't know.)

I think it's DREADFUL that they arrested the wife.

What happened to the premise that you're allowed to protect your property from outside intrusion?


Well, they may check IN to the Raid motel, but they never check out.


um, FCDA? I think the problem was that his "property" WAS engaging in outside intrusion...

outside intrusion...???

.... aaaaah

*resist comment*

We thank you for your self control, Kibby. Wanna pass some of that on to Mr. Raid-Head?

I hope the wife saved some to get rid of the crabs et al that are probably in her bed (garage, under-sink, shed) etc...

*snork to marfie

Maybe she thought her dear hubbie was being attacked by a naked, nubile intruder (yes, AGNFARB). She was merely trying to protect her hubbie.

Chianca at Large, somehow I knew who the nosy neighbor you reffered to would be right off....

Dear me, maybe the poor lady had just returned from the opthamologist and mistook the two blobs in her kitchen for very large insects. I mean, it could happen, right?

marfie - well it sure wasn't a 'lady'bug!

That wuz no lady, that wuz termites ...

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