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May 23, 2006


...to this motorist.

(Thanks to chicomathmom)


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Now THAT'S commitment


I am no chemist, but would he freeze with that much alcohol in him?

Firsht! Somebody buy me a drunk!

So in percentages that's like 85%, right? Yeah, that's a lot.

OBOB - 85% metric!

so what does that translate to in AMERICAN?


"He was of high spirits and grinning the whole time he was questioned." Ya THINK???

A standard American BAC is in some kind of metric units, but possibly off of the ones used her by a factor of 10 or so. I'll see if I can figure it out.

My friend is a doctor in the emergency room and he said the highest he's seen is .38, which is almost five times the legal limit of .08.

He said that amount would kill a lot of people, but the guy was a chronic drinker and had built up a tolerance. My friend still said it was amazing the guy was walking around....

I think we just found the source of the 70,000 empty beer cans in that Utah apartment...

In American BAC like they use in court, which is grams of alcohol per 100 mL blood, this guy was 0.727, nine times the legal limit of 0.08. That's really drunk.

thanks beth ! i was just being a crank. Around 0.4 is the most I've heard about up to this point - from one of those police chase shows, where they were chasing someone who already had 18 dui's!

what percentage of his blood would that be (how many grams in a mL)?

I think it's more like, 'how much blood is in his alcohol?'

It's great when these guys wrap around a telephone pole and kill themselves. No need to embalm.

This guy should be the COMMISSIONER of Motor Vehicles in Florida....

If he stays that drunk, that is...

He "refreshed himself with a pint before breakfast?" Maybe next time he'll consider an Altoid instead.

Rather than BAC, they measured it in proof!

I bet you could light his burps on fire or his...um, never mind.

But occifer, I HAD to drive, I'm too drunk to stand!

New commercial for Bud Lite: Refreshing!

Lawyer: Just because my client was driving with twice the lethal limit...

Judge: I think you mean twice the LEGAL limit.

Lawyer: Nope. Twice the LETHAL limit.

Judge: Okay. that's it. I find the defendant guilty and sentence him to twice the maximum sentence for DUI.

Betsi- 1g = 1mL, so this guy's blood contained .727% alcohol (or 1.54 proof), and considering the average human has 5-6 liters of blood, this guy had 36-43 mL, or roughly 1/6 of a cup of pure alcohol in his blood.

That's too much math. I need a drink

*pours sly a pint*

*joins sly for a drink*

*falls off the stool*

*climbs back on...warily*

I saw a police officer doing a presentation on the dangers of alcohol in HS who said he once pulled over a guy with a .54 BAC who was still sober! He was suspected of speeding, not DUI.

So that's where the guy went.

"freshen up by downing a pint of beer for breakfast."
Hair of the dog? This guys a genius.

'Scuse me, gotta go freshen up!

Anyone else remember the WKRP episode where an Ohio state trooper brought a reaction-testing device to the station, for a public-service program on the danger of DUI, for which Venus and Johnny were to get drunk gradually, stopping to test their reactions every so often? Venus, as expected, reacted more slowly as time went on, but Johnny actually reacted more quickly!

Kid Charlemagne/Deacon Blues/FM/WKRP fan:

I invite you to visit my blog where, in the next year or three, I truly hope to bring all of this together and show where my oh-so-academic research will someday reveal in a lame 24ish twist firmly establish that the movie "FM" and the TV show "WKRP in Cinncinati" were born from the real-life hi-jinks of the on-air staff at KMET in Los Angeles.

Really. I was there listening in the darkness at age 13. Ask Jim Ladd or Raechel Donahue. Not joking there, because I've had a chance to tell them both of their corruption of contribution to my former professional life as a radio deejay.

fudtheman: 1g = 1ml

That is only true for water. The density of ethyl alcohol is about .77 g/ml at body temperature.

% = 7.27 g/l / .77 g/ml / 1000 ml/l * 100 = .944 % V/V

fair enough...I knew I was forgetting something.

Kid! That was my favorite episode ever!

So which medical school is going to be the first to approach this gentlemen to request that he donate his body (or at least his liver) to science????

0.7 is as high as we've registered at out CD Program... but then, we're so far up North, maybe the poor lad was freezing//////

?? this is medically impossible....

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