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April 24, 2006


(Thanks to Southerngirl)


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Now all I need is to certify this copy... and we'll all be set for life

I'm saving this article for when i get the boot - precedent and all that

Why do I think that the sites Judi is spending her day surfing are not "news and travel sites"?

Oh, I forgot ... it's research.

Yes, surfing the DB blog is JUST like reading the newspaper. Except I usually don't shoot coffee out my nose while reading the paper. (Ok, I said USUALLY)

Is there a way to get the Blog to send an alert when a new subject is introduced? That way, when I am in the middle of a boring presentation, the latest booger item will pop right up on my screen. I can't get fired if I make the powers that be giggle! Can I?

in some countries the punishment for surfing
the web at work is to break the index fingers,
making it virtually impossible to operate the mouse with speed and efficiency, problem solved...

bahoola - we still have toes

Punkin Poo - please be advised that if your sinuses are scalded by hot coffee spewing out your nose, this site will not be held responsible for any damages. That also goes (har!) for your sister, if she has incontinence issues as a result of this blog.

Hang on folks. It's a decision of an Administrative Law Judge, which is about the lowest judicial figure on the totem pole.

Still, it's a nice thought.

My pet squirrel operates my mouse for me.

Petrified badgers do the same for me.

Annie - My sister tends to shoot hot coffee out her assal area at high speed - causing a concentrated, foamy substance. I believe they call it an "Espresso con E-coli" at Starbucks. She gets 4.50 a sh*t, I mean, shot.

24-aholic - If you have an RSS or XML reader (several are available for free), you can click on the little orange box that says XML at the bottom of this page.

You'll be notified any time there's a new post.

Mr - you Complete me.

I'd have posted something here sooner but I was being reprimanded for reading the posts about petrified badgers.

Yeh Sgirl for finding this important work related legal material!

24-aholic - Yeah, I get that a lot.

Now for the next step - sue for wrongful termination, or, in Lairbo's case, have the reprimanders reprimanded for harassment.

Something tells me this judge surfs while listening to long drawn out legal arguments.


More info on RSS/XML:

What is RSS? RSS (or Really Simple Syndication) feeds are free content feeds from Web sites, that contain article headlines, summaries and links back to full-text articles on the web.

What tools do I need to use RSS? To start using RSS, you need a special news reader or aggregator that displays RSS content feeds from Web sites you select. There are many different news readers available, many of which are free of charge. Most are available as desktop software that you download and install on your computer. Several Web-based news readers are available as well. Once you have set up your news reader, you simply subscribe to the RSS content feeds you want.

What are the benefits of using RSS? RSS is an easy way for you to be alerted when content that interests you appears on your favorite Web sites. Instead of visiting a particular Web site to browse for new articles and features, RSS automatically tells you when something new is posted online.

"Johnson! Get in my office immediately. We need to talk about your internet habits."

"It's just like reading a newspaper. A judgely type guy said so!"

"Johnson, it's like this. You need to explain..."

"Ok, ok. The manure festival and Britney Spears updates are research into agricultural and pop cultural interests. The petrified badger was an episode of CSI waiting to happen, as well as a sharply written biology piece. The plastic bra thing was a fascinating look into minimalist engineering. The attack of the Killer Squirrels was a sobering reminder of the volatility of nature. All in all, whatever that means, I'd say I've been a model employee, striving daily to enrich my mind to be a better informed and productive member of the team."

"I just wanted to know about your frequent visits to Prurient Goats Anonymous."

"Ah. Well. Give me a minute to think, and I'm sure a logical explanation will come about."

"Does it hurt to bull$#!+ that profusely?"

"At first, but you get used to it suprisingly quickly."


Mr. Completely is talking about that RSS Alligator again!

(note to anyone who's using rss or xml - whatever you do, don't complain to Dave that his links aren't being displayed properly in your alligator. He really doesn't give a sh!t)

Fed, I'd bow in your general direction but I don't quite trust bending over when you are nearby.

*Applause* And I just may use some of those arguments should I ever be indited. For anything.

Whooohoooo Sgirl! Great work! Lots of us are going to keep this article in our favorites list, just in case.

mr. completely, i thought those letters at the bottom were the size choices. i always go for extra medium large.

Gee, Mr. C, I'm humbled you would take such time to educate little ol' me. And djtony - thanks for the heads up! I'll remember not to whine!

Dave R is absolutely right about where on the judicial food chain an Administrative Law Judge is.
You can win your cases there til pigs fly and the decision can be overturned by some Administrative Board, not even by a higher court, at least here in su.so.ca. And even if the other side (read: bad guys) appeal there and you win at that level, they just keep going until you finally lose and your client runs out of money and loses the will to live - very depressing.

FCDA - may I say you are a bummer. We prefer to dream...

Oh, and 5 hours until Jack Bauer sends chills down my spine.

*snork* at Fed, as usual.

thanks Al and Marie!

*does happy dance*

i am posting this on my wall.

yours truly, bureaucrat.

OMG! The RSS Aggrevator has risen it's ugly head! Don't tell Dave!

Bein' fired from a job 'cuz you spent too much time on the 'net and bein' fired from bein' a spouse/SO 'cuz you spent too much time on the 'net are not the same deal ... merely sayin' ...

Since when is playing Solitaire surfing the Internet?

Snork @ djtonyb

Daisymae -

Someone ELSE got fired for playin' solitaire ... this person was "conducting research" ... or somethin' ...

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