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April 24, 2006


But dammit, Audi owners need their espresso.

(Via Gizmodo)


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For that FIRST coffee spill of the morning.

Gaah! Is Kiefer playing a vampire?

Now all that cars need is a kitchen sink.

Oh good, we can make coffee while we talk on our cell phone - that just makes me feel so safe!

Wow, triple simulepost.

This device should really be built into the car's roof, with a hamster feeding tube-like spout hanging down for drivers to lift their heads toward for some warm espresso.

A stupid idea, you say? Well, yes, but no stupider than installing a espresso maker in a car at all. If you're gonna get stupid, I say go all the way with it.

"Sorry I was late. Dang squirrel got into the espresso machine again and wouldn't let me near the car."

"sits neatly in the central arm rest between the passenger."

my inner grammarian doth protest

Carry on.

And for those with a smaller budget.... a beer dispenser in all Escorts and Civics:)

P.S. Kiefer/vampire.. that still has to be from "The Lost Boys" movie. He was pretty hot in those days....

They forgot the giant highly visable disclaimer sticker that says "Warning contents are extremely hot!!!!" that comes with all coffee beverages at drive through windows thanks to really dumb McCustomers.

daisymae: I quite concur.

Oh God! The Simpsons are coming true! Remember the episode where Homer gets all these gadgets for the inside of his car - including a FRY-O-LATOR!

*runs and hides under bed*

So if I spill hot coffee on my lap while I'm negotiating a turn, can I sue Audio for millions, a la Liebeck v. McDonald's?

Err..."Audio" = Audi.

Hey, it could be a good strategy. Buy an expensive Audi, then purposely scald yourself, sue for millions, pay off the Audi and retire early.

Wavery - It would have been, if you hadn't tipped your hand first on this blog, silly.

I can see the Audi commercials now: "As seen on The Simpsons..." Homer would have his pinky finger up in the air so dainty-like.

"Wavery"?!?! So sorrory, Wavey!

I ain't no wafer, Miss! :)

Haha, don't worry about it. My nick is technically misspelled anyway -- probably should be Wavy. But, see the second definition in the Urban Dictionary.

My real name has a silent "e" in it too, so I guess that's another reason.

Oh Wait...the wafers are "waverLy", not "wavery."

OK, now that I just killed any humor in my previous post, I'll, uh, skip to the next thread now...

Wow, Wavey - you shot that knee-slapper in the thigh. Which is a nice segue into....the next thread! Take it away, Jack!

Has driving the .000000000001 of a mile between Starbucks become that hard folks? Then again I am from Seattle and they have us on a mocha I.V. from birth.

It seems like America really has a huge coffee addiction. I know a guy who simply can't function without drinking a steady, hourly dose of coffee throughout the entire workday. I know that "can't function without my java" is cliched, but in his case it is absolutely true. He falls asleep at his desk if the coffee machine's broken.

Again I am reminded of this website.

The one on caffeine is the most messed up. Of course we're not spiders (well, most of us aren't), but still...

Great, now mental illness cases will soar. Better buy a helmet...

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