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April 11, 2006



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With extra spiders, please!

first :)

ooh simulpost

Ain't no one putting leaks in my sauce...leeks on the other hand - not so bad.

oooo, Betsi! Are you feeling it, too?

Sea-spider sauce? I think I'm gonna retch.


Somehow, I don't think Maryland would be quite as famous for it's Sea Spider Cakes.

Can't be worse than either of these

They forgot to add the final step and the end of the recipe:
Serve to a group of friends.
Shout, "April Fools!".
Order pizza (which you will eat alone, because all your friends left when you first mentioned the words "Sea Spider").

Eww... The first ingredient is 4 people??

I just loves me some dry-roasted leafhoppers!

"Then beat it until there are no lumps left"

Usually when you beat something, that CAUSES lumps - at least that's what I learnt from the Bugs Bunny cartoons.

Mmmm, crunchy...

right DJ - Phillips Sea Spider House just doesnt have the same ring to it.

"Put a casserole with water and a bit of salt to heat until it starts to boil. Then introduce the sea spider and let it boil for 15 minutes."

Sea Spider....scalding hot salty water. Scalding hot salty water...Sea Spider. I'll just leave you two to get to know each other.

CR - hot steamed sea spiders....not so much. But Old Bay would prolly improve the flavor.


Old Bay makes EVERYTHING taste better!!

until the loins are gilded...

i thought loins were 'girded', right Dave?

"Serve and Enjoy" ...lets play with this.

"Serve when Drunk"
"Serve to ex-Spouse"
"Serve to Criminally Insane"
"Serve and Hurl"

"Then introduce the sea spiders ..."

Sea spiders, I'd like you to meet twelve clams.

Twelve clams, I'd like you to meet Sea Spiders ...

or just serve with dave's world famous peanut butter bread. at least then no one starves!

The "REAL" American sauce would be to throw all the other ingredients away and just drink the whiskey.

MMM... sea spider sauce (drool)

Be sure it's a NATURAL tomato, not one of those slutty surgically enhanced ones!

jon (without the h)- my thought exactly!

Thanks again oh great blog for keeping me on my diet.

*SNORK* at Rundogrun.

Sea Spiders?


Random translation generators are like random plot generators.

Hake = small member of the cod family

sea spider = the critters us 'mericans call King, Snow, or Tanner crabs.

Can't speak for the recipe, but these are prime ingredients!


I get a Buzz outta the Bee-Oatmeal, not to mention lowering my choesterol.

Aren't lobsters a member of the spider family as well?

I got a recipe off an Italian website and requested the "English translation".

It had the eggs introducing themselves to the flour, and one of the ingredients was "1/3 g of she knows herself."

Seems that the Italian word for "salt" is also the phrase for "she knows herself."

Might explain why they have never won a war.

This recipe confuses me. It's talking about letting the sea spider soak in the broth, then taking it out and removing its meat and saving the meat for later.

Um, WHAT meat? I've actually seen live sea spiders. Here is what they look like:

OK, so that page says that the really big ones live in the deep sea. So maybe they're using the deep sea variety in the recipe? (and if so, how the heck would you acquire one? Not your usual Vons seafood section fare...)

But nope. Here is a picture of a really big deep sea one:

Meaty, it is not.

Are they really talking about true sea spiders in that recipe?

i dunno... when you live in a place serving fish head curry and pig organ soup, sea spiders sounds yummy.

Tourism shill: please click here!

I got as far as ingredients - (4 people) and quit. Seems like a lot of people meat but what do I know.

What happens when you add the first leak to the pan?

I'm not sure I want to clean up the mess.

Sea spiders are ok, but Hake Loins. Now that is disgusting.

Reminds me a bit of that wonderful line from one of Julia Child's shows ...

She was talking about the recipe and what the dish (entree) would be ...

Then, she started out with (in her very characteristic tones) ...

First, take a leek ...

Any sauce consisting mostly of whisky is of course Scottish.

A fish has loins?

I have one that's worse... Smoky Mountain Oysters:



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