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April 13, 2006



(Thanks to Stupendous Man)


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OK, EWWWWW, and not what I want to be reading at lunch.


The cannibal Freud worm. Interesting.

"There's nothing [in the animal kingdom] that peels off the skin and eats big chunks of it like these things are doing,"
I knew a guy in Elementary school who did that - but it was his own, not his mothers, so I guess that doesnt count.

*throws up a little in my mouth*

So much for lunch.

No one tell T RWC that those baby worms look like the noodles in pad thai, k?

Okay, this is my new euphemism for when my kids are driving me crazy.

"Dang kids! They're devouring my flesh."

The female's skin doubles in thickness during this period, the researchers found.

Well, this is a parenting TRUTH, people.

Oh, no, not leftovers again!

Yeah, KDF, ya GOTS to be thick-skinned to be a parent!

Five foot long flesh eating worms? *shudder*

(think Simon&Garfunkel)
Caecilians, you're munching on Mom
You're adding new levels to nausea
Oh, Caecilians ,does she start to squirm
as her epidermis, becomes lunch?

If we were to take our cue
From Caecilians what then would we do?
On Mother's Day to show how we respect 'er
We'd give her a card, then go Hannibal Lecter

Only difference is that in humans, this kind of parasitism happens mostly during the teenage years and not immediately after birth. That way we're less able to give them up for adoption. Mother Nature thinks of everything.

maternal love is just so heartwarming.

Wait, that's heartburn.

"I hate mommy's guts!"

"Shut up and eat what's put in front of you."

My kids bleed me dry but they rarely eat my flesh. There are limits, you know.

And quite frankly, I have to deal with the parasitical suckers for 20 years while Mommy Worm feeds a little skin and a couple weeks later they're gone. I'd say Mommy Worm is the smarter of the species.

*snork* at fivver, and I do believe that's my very first "first"!

Wasn't there something about a secret handshake?

*SNORQUE* at Meanie the Blue.

Two sentences and I'm through reading this one.

way to go Stupe!

THANK YOU for the icky picture warning!!

After attempts at breast feeding, there is a bit of this in some human children....

And that whole 'boiling the n*ppl*s' thing has GOT to hurt.

sthnbelle - yes, there's a secret FIRST handshake. Wait for the memo re location of FIRST club meeting. All will be clear then.

So, one worn said to another, "I can't stand my mother." The other worn said, "Why don't you try eating something else instead?"

"Son, you know I would give you the skin off my back."

"Thanks Ma, it will be a nice appetizer."

Thanks, El! I'll be right here waiting........


Sounds like my girlfriend's 21 year old daughter's parasitic "adult child".

The family that eats together stays together.

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