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April 12, 2006


Because he teaches us how to succeed in business.

(Thanks to Michael Stern)


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Todays lesson where to shoot your competetion in the thigh to get the contract signed.

I just hurt myself rolling my eyes.

Curly said it best.

This is a really long article.
With really small print.

*skips merrily away to the next post, confident that this 24 monster will never swallow him whole*

Addicted has pointed out the flaw in this model. I can't begin to TELL you how effective I could be if I could just shoot people in the thigh.

Maybe Jack should become the CEO of General Motors to turn it around.

And Yeh! for a Canadian newspaper noticing the many leadership qualities that Jack exhibits every week.

I just gave myself whiplash shaking my head.

The author neglects to mention Jack's great "assertiveness" and "attention-commanding" abilities. If I heard him screaming at me to drop my weapon, I'd drop it even if I didn't have one in my hand. I'd try to FIND one to drop.

Now THAT'S leadership...

Randum - I've never heard that B4. I've played it over and over, laughing out loud. Thanks.

A Canadian newspaper naturally "finds the many leadership qualities that Jack exhibits every week" since it also notes he's a former Canadian....

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