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April 17, 2006


Because our Easter Bunny can beat up your Easter Bunny.

UPDATE: More info here, thanks to Justin Hagerman.


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Because I can

Go, Florida!


I was willing to put any stupid ol' thing to take this opportunity I've never had before.

We have a mall in Edison here in NJ - and I bet if we had an Easter Bunny there, he, or she, woul;d probably be armed, or have bodyguards at the very least. Second, BTW...

Rats, not second, but close...

*pictures all the shocked little kids when the easter bunny pulls his head off and goes postal*

see, this is why I never take my kids to the mall for pictures with the easter bunny - think of the thousands of dollars i've saved on therapy alone

"He came to his wife's aid..." Not a bad guy. I would have protected my wife also. Probably taken the other person's head off.

Wouldn't the Easter Bunny be released from a hutch? Just sayin.

A scene from the next episode of A Very White Trash Easter: "Mom, the Easter Bunny and His Old Lady left me a Crystal Meth Bunny in my basket!"

He wasn't "protecting" his wife, Tex. Before my wife punches somebody in the face, she better be willing to live with the consequences.

This past weekend I was perusing the mall in hopes of locating a new bathing suit when perchance I stumbled upon this really huge 6ft rabbit with some absolutely terrified little ankle biter being pushed forward by his mama to meet him. Struck me as funny since quite frankly a 6 foot rabbit would scare me too. And that was before I read this story.

I think the limit on cuddly and cute is probably when the bunny is bigger than the child.

My thoughts on the whole creepy Easter Bunny thing, for anyone who's interested.

The bunny must go!

On Easter morning, after mass, I like to drive around with baskets to leave next to road-kill bunnies.

witnesses who saw the beating were appalled ,"he just kept going and going and going..."

*SNORK*@ insom.

Oh the hilarity of this story. I don't even know where to begin. Therefore as usual, I have nothing to add

*I came, I saw, I snorked*

Sorry for the double post but I just finished the smoking gun link. Occupation: Easter Bunny?

Not any more my friend. Also, what does he do the rest of the year?

KOW - what does he do the rest of the year? - 8 to 10 months for assault.

is he *this* bunny?

Lol @ puppytoes. Very clever.

When I was 4, my brother and my dad came home from a hunting trip. My brother held up this cute little brown bunny that he'd bagged, by the back legs, thrust it in my general direction, and said "Look, mell--I killed the Easter Bunny!" AAAAAAHHH!

I'm not making that up. I cried for a couple week--and, as you can imagine, my mom wore my brother's a** OUT, ha ha (he was never mean after that, period, especially to me, not EVER!).

So, like, if any little kids saw the Easter Bunny in a fist fight with some mom at the mall, I can totally understand them being, um, 'confused'. To say the least...

Key Quote: Robert Johansson, whose son Victor, 8, also witnessed the fight. “They were trying to shield the kids from it. Now my son thinks the Easter Bunny is bad and went to jail.”

Rob, Your son is 8, it's time he stopped believing in the Easter Bunny anyway. It's CERTAINLY time you stop taking him to have his picture made with said bunny.

very snork @ ceeg22

Sarc - No judging Rob - my guys, ages 7 and 9, still believe, although they've had their doubts. In this particular case, the vision of a guy in a bunny suit slugging a woman (from behind, even!) would rattle my kids to no end.
You, however, I don't believe in. ;)

How could you not believe in me? I've delivered at least 10 times as much stuff to you as the Easter Bunny or Santa (Hint for the math-challenged: 10 x 0 is still 0)

I'm sure the guys (yours and his) will find out soon enough from their friends at school.

Our motto - "If you don't believe, you won't receive." Santa and EB have been Barry Barry good to me.
I only wish the Easter Bunny delivered his own 'jelly beans' to you.

and don't even talk to me about the Great Pumpkin!

Awwwrighty, another reality series: Easter bunny wife swapping, followed by the rabbit punch of the day. What channel?

Golden, Colo.-based Noerr Programs Corp., which contracted with the mall to run the Easter bunny photo set, fired McClure and Frechette on Monday.

He lost his job as the Easter bunny the day after Easter. I hope he has learned his lesson.

Harvey, where are you when we need you?

"McClure’s occupation listed on the arrest report reads “Easter Bunny,”"

Could anything actually be more embarrassing than that?

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