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April 25, 2006


It's the perfect time to get a little cleaning up done around here.¹

(Thanks to Sarah Christianson)

¹OK, so it's an ad. We don't care.


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First? I can't believe it.

second, and where can I find this guy to get him to come over and clean my house...

Ah I see, the adult female equivelent of Santa Claus. Complete falicy but a pleasant fantasy.

WHY am I not surprised judi?!? Of course the worker bee in the next cubicle wanted to know why I was *snorking* and now she AND my boss question what "team" I play for.

Coast - don't refer 'em to the spanking thread...

where do i sign him up? i mean, the person who cleans my house, well, isnt cute like that!! hubbahubba.

ew - not THIS crew!! Thats not even something I want to ponder considering thinking about.

HELP! My house is vry dirty, especially the very dark rooms! :)

YES!!!! Kudos to Judi!!!


Blessed St. Judi ... in all your wisdom and beneficience ... is there a Maid™ version of this around?

Mought one implore you for the address, or the link?

Pretty please?

There is a topless maid service in LA. North Dakota? Oh, well....

He sort of looks like Matt Damon.

I had this college boyfriend who cleaned carpets and did odd jobs for middle-age suburban housewives. He would chuckle about how his customers always wanted to hold his ladder. He didn't get the double entendre.

*sigh* Gorgeous but dumb as a post.


At the present time, I'm in that hotbed (?) -- er -- CENTER of rural sophistication, Sioux Falls, SOUTH Dakota ...

HOWever, the maids here at the motel ... um ... nope ... not a chance ...

They seem to be nice persons, but ... topless? I'm GONE!

I have a house-boy, too. No need for the video.


*melts into a puddle for Hunky-Cleaner-Boy to clean up.*

I thought so too Bumble.


Thank you judi. :)

Yo! I'm eligible! To win this guy's cleaning services, that is.... Oooooh, I wanna win!

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