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April 14, 2006


(Thanks to Addicted to 24)


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I must have missed something.

SuzyQ, he *scolded* you in an e-mail? After interviewing you?

Do we need to go all "Jack Bauer" on him?

Baby bunnies - hooray!

Let's have a bunny baby shower for Thumper!!!

sly: It might just come to that. Have to wait and see. I may have misunderstood his intentions, although the word "scold" was used. I'm waitin' to hear back.

*looks around for baby bunnies*

Sharon -

O!M!G! --- (I'd say "REALLY???" except you already said ISIANMTU ...)

Yeah, it's a contstant struggle ... difficult to maintain oneselfs own standards of tolerance and professionalism, at times ...

This might be a good place to refer to whut people say about "life" ... except, I promised KDF I wouldn't do that NEmore here on the blog ... whut ever ...

Yeah, I could recall a few war stories from either the classroom or the editorial desk, but it's all simply more of the SSDD kinda stuff ...

I just try to maintain my perspective, enjoy life ... and remember that I should look on the bright side -- 'cuz things'll get better ... unless they get werse ...

*begins packing JackSack; just in case*

*and sets out protective hoodie*

Meanie - (re official blog whatevers) what's that noise you make when you score? starts with a *p*...something like pffftswwwwang! or something. Add that to the list.

Baby bunnies are so cute that they always make me feel ...hungry. Anyone up for Little Fluffy Bunny Stew?

Eeuww, Mew!

What? What'd I do? *innocent wide-eyed look*

Congrats to daisy on her short, but cute and very meaningful poem!


OMG, sly: I mentioned the JackSack and the hoodie in what I wrote! :)
Good to know someone's got my back.

we are somewhat like dentists that way

*snork* at sharon!

and btw sharon, U.O kinda scared me at first,(altho he knows now that I luv him muchly, merely sayin')just a little, cuz he's oh so proper, grammatically and all, but I no longer care about my grammer or puntuation or spealing, or anything cuz nobody really cares around hear.

*snork* @ Annie!

pssst, looks like Thumper might be bringin' baby bunnies to the blog, pass it on!

Posted by: KDF | 03:29 PM on April 15, 2006


Baby bunnies - hooray!

Let's have a bunny baby shower for Thumper!!!

Posted by: Eleanor | 04:14 PM on April 15, 2006


altho you all know that Thumper spends much of his time under my bed, I will have you all know (not no) that I in no way will claim responsibility for any baby bunnies that may be hoppin' around.

that's my story, and I'm stickin' to it.

southerngirl - we believe you, of course, but wasn't someone else under there with him recently? Meanie the Blue, perhaps? Did you hear (hare) anything like "How do I quit you, you wascally wabbit?"

s'girl and Thumper
sittin' in a tree
Blue shows up
and then there were three

ever wander into a room, and notice that it got really quiet just as you came thru the door, and wonder if everyone was talkin' about you before you came in?


must just be me then

Ah, yessss ... that's my favorite southern girl, southerngirl ...

*crawls under southerngirl's bed, to water the plants, and see if blue drank all the beer out of the fridge

"If that bed is hoppin,
Don't bother stoppin'."

KDF is in no way in shape or form creepy. She is awesome and much cooler than I.

psst...Adonis said KDF isn't in shape

I'm still waiting for the shower of baby bunnies. *taps foot, looks at watch, begins to think maybe it was all a cruel joke*

snork @ Betsy

*zips in*


Breakfast is currently being served on the "Stone" thread.

*zips out*

I'm still praying for all of you . . .

He'll allow her to make noise during childbirth? What a guy!!!

P.S. That previous comment about praying was because I saw this post was submitted by 'addicted to 24', and I just assumed . . ..

You know what comes to mind? A tranquilizer dart gun, with the darts modified to hold valium and maybe various other meds.

Any snipers out California way? Heck, any engineers? I can't make that.

I hope Katie slugs him during labor - silently, of course.

Mission Impossible IV: Finding the Logic In Anything Tom Cruise Says

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