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April 25, 2006


...you're talking dachshund.


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first and only, fudtheman...congrats.

Fangs for the memories.

Lessee if I have this correct ... a weiner(dog) got bit on the head by a snake and ... is expected to make a full recovery ... um ... to which status, one assumes, it had prior to said snake attack ...

Um ... nope ... I got nothin' ...

yup - the least dangerous place to damage a dachschund is the head - they arent all muddled up with brains and whatnot.

What, the reporters were afraid to get comments from the dog and wimped out by asking the owners?

And what about the snake's point of view? Maybe we have a rogue Dachshund on our hands.

May this is the next plot twist for 24!

The owners were not available for comment? Man, I would be all "my weiner dog kicks your dog's ass!"

piglet - "Dachshunds kick asp!"

I know this is an aside, but I've flipped through some of the news on that page and I just have to say: What on EARTH is in the drinking water in Florida? I mean, Dave always tells stories but I thought they were few and far bewteen. It's like the entire state is a madhouse.

Sorry, just had to ask. Back on topic, the dog should sue for having expired medications in the event he not make a full recovery. This is discrimination. Animalism or something.

In general, the farther from its wolf ancestors a breed of dog seems to be, the more effed up that breed probably is.

I started to say "the more stupid", but in truth this may not be the case; many a dachshund or chihuahua seems capable of sitting and dwelling, for hours, on the various and sundry ways in which a given shrubbery may be a threat the life and limb of itself and its master, while a stupid human like myself may walk by the plant every day, blissfully unaware of the threat which awaits us.

Eventually, the dog must act, lest it lose a loved one. Depending on the threat, it may be nullified by a good barking, or the plant may require an actual, carefully targetted gnaw-and-dig assault.

Be glad these vigilant creatures are with us, not against us.

Words of the Sentient:

Private property was the original source of freedom.
It is still its main bullwark. --Walter Lippman

KAZ - zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

KAZ - I think (and this is just my opinion, mind you) that the more pure-bred the dog, the less intelligent it is. Too much inbreeding causes a purebred to exhibit stupidity, not unlike the Royal Family of a country whose name rhymes with Shmengland.

Conversely, I've found that it's the mutts who are the brightest and most intelligent of dogs.

Then again, I like cats.

KAZ - You are WAY better than Ambien !

KAZ - I agree with Mr. C. Although since I'm a purebred I probably wouldn't know any better. But I like cats, too. Usually broiled.

Annie. Yes ! I love you.

Annie. Sorry, my emotions got WAY carried away.

Er, thanks, MC, but I think El has dibs on me. But very flattering anyway. :)

It's ok, MC. I get that a lot.

Oh he does ? We'll see about that.

El! HE?? Nahh!

KOZ-What? You don't have maggots in your corn and models on the loose????

(and may I say eeeewwwww)

I'm so glad the dog's okay. I have a phobia about my dog being bitten.

"El" is for "Eleanor", and she's an attorney. But it was nice knowing you.

Dear Mr Completely,
Her Gracious Majesty Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Fidie Defensor, Imperatrix etc etc has commanded me to say that should you enter her domains, fiefdoms, manors, entitlements etc etc you are SO DEAD.
And she likes mutts too. The Queen has owned corgis for years, and her sister Princess Margaret had dachshunds. These two packs regularly 'got together', the offspring being known in royal-speak as 'dorgies'.
I am not making this up.+

Annie - I thought I had dibs on you

it's OK, El doesn't scare me

(well, not much anyway - besides, I'm pretty sure I can outrun her)

Expired antivenin? Does PETA know about this?

Tiny is back!! I actually missed you!

Dr. Acula - the only reason the queen has those dogs is because they're so ugly, they make HER look better.

The World's Best Song About Dachshunds

thanks Annie

I'll write that down in case I need to remind you of it later

Annie - boy are you in trouble now. When the Corgie Club read your words, you are SO SO SO DEAD.

I'm a Lab fan. I can handle a few Corgis. I'll just wear my boots so they can't get my ankles.

Mighty dachshund stand up and take a bow! You can take on a @#*% snake any day! I love dogs, but truly it is felines who have my heart!

This story doesn't surprise me. I used to have a miniature dachshund. That little guy was afraid of NOTHING. Nothing whatsoever. And he was built tough, like a little tank...or Weinermobile, but you get the idea.

Dachshund's are a breed designed to go down a dark hole in the ground and sniff out and kill rats. Heck the rats are nearly as big as the dogs, they have to be pretty fiesty and agressive to do that!

As for the cat issue, well - Catz = Crock Pot

I'm surprised the dog didn't bite the snake. All the dachshunds I've met were overly feisty.

Bulls got WARKS?!?!

The expression on the dog's face is like Dave's on day 42 of a book tour.

Whoah! Good doggie! Probably a small viper, or this would be posthumous. Venemous, not poisonous, unless doggie has a bad tummy-ache from poison. Just sayin' to borrow from OthU.

CJrun -

Very fine distinction ... nicely done ... and ... borrow away ... merely sayin' ...

Dachsunds are my favorite dogs. I grew up with Sam from 8th grade til I left for college. Feisty, no kidding, but also a great lap dog.

Catz DO NOT = Crock Pot.

The final word.

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