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April 07, 2006


...you're talking PeepTini.

(Thanks to Russell Mc)


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OK, I don't care what ya call it - if it's got overproof rum in it - I'll drink it

not a peep from me on this one.

Marshmallows in a drink? I'll probably pass.

How about a Peeping Tom Collins?

So do you use fresh peeps or stale peeps?

hey.. you got peep in my booze...

hey...you got booze on my peep...

two great(?) tastes...etc, etc..

Toto was FIRST! But of course since the subject was alcohol-related. :)

So what's the blue one over at the side? And doesn't it have a star shaped Peep™ on it?

Coast ~ What's the difference?


My kids are getting these in their Easter Baskets so Mommy can sleep in!

Hey! My drink tastes like Peep!

it looks cheep, too.

peeps are creepy.

Punkin - I know some people who have had passionate arguements about whether Peeps are beter just opened out of the box, or the day after so they get a bit of a stale outer layer.

Oh jeez...EVerybody knows that Peeps are best when placed in the center of the microwave and gently warmed from within so that they get really, REALLY, REALLY big and scary (like that rabbit from earlier today), and then removed, where they collapse into little amorphous blobs of artificially colored and flavored goo which can be placed on ice cream, stuck on one's fingers, or just wiped off on a paper towel.

Betsy, nah, you want to nuke 'em on high until they explode.

Melon Peep? Ick, I don't think so.

"Betsy and the Exploding Peeptini's!"

I think the audience would need ponchos. Maybe you can open for the Blue Man Group.

And Jeff: I have two extra (meaning "available to ruin") microwaves in my labora, um, basement. Bring your peeps. And safety goggles. And a spatuala (I'll explain that later :)

Peeps are icky!

I'll just have the tini...

My little brother has 2 cats named after his favorite cocktails "Polly" and "Teeni" short for CosmoPollytan and MarTeeni. I'm kinda cranky because he really out-g@yed me on that one.

My uncle likes peeps so much than when he was living in London his kids shipped some over in rushed mail (didn't weigh much I guess)

Oh, and with the microwaved peeps, toothpick "fencing" is fun too. My brothers love watching them stab each other :)

Sarah! Wow! Fencing:) Thanks for broadening my horizons!

I don't have access to my microwave, cuz I'm staying in temporary digs during renovation, but there's always the one at the office...heh. Monday, Monday...

*kicks back drinkin' her peep-tini*

Sluuuurrrrrrrrrp! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

(Kathy -- that's a potable made with blue curacao and a slice of carambola-aka star fruit-on the rim)

A traditionalist-which I'm-will tell you a garnish should be part of the drink's ingredients, but I'm not seeing it with these peeps. I mean melon liquor and mallow? And I don't even want to ask how a peep blends with a dry champagne and bitter tasting casis.

If you want to try an Easter-themed,albeit sweet tasting, cocktail:

2 parts chocolate Vodka (Van Gogh pref.)
1 part lt. creme de cacao
splash heavy cream
mix in blender and add 2-3 small malt easter eggs for each serving, while blending. Garnish with chocolate dipped rolled cookies. (I never know what they are called, but swirl 'em in this drink and take a bite)

Proper Peeptini-drinking etiquette:

Lick salt off hand
Take swig of peeptini
Throw peep over your left shoulder

ooooooooooh, hope i find some of those in my easter basket! the drinks i mean, not the icky marshmallow poultry.

Does it concern anyone that peepdrinks.com is also promoting its (not it's) sister site peepsluts.com? Not that the new site is available yet, but does the world really need marshmallow animal porn?

Oh wait, silly question.

Spinner8..well, that would answer the fresh vs. stale question: "Not hard? Don't worry, hon. Just leave it out overnight".


Just so y'all know... the original PeepDrinks.com website went down a few years ago -- until a few weeks ago I googled it just for kicks and found a *ton* of references to the site! I had no idea anyone actually ever *looked* at that joke I put up late one night...

So, anyway, version 2.0 is now online! New, improved, better photography, and drinks being posted every day or two throughout January 2011! We're also welcoming user submissions this time around...

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