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April 24, 2006


...but here.

(Thanks to Pam)


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woohoo 1st

My firewall has me blocked.

Come to think of it, so does this morning's bran muffin.

*snork at Punkin Nopoo*


Don't let bahoola see this or we'll have bunny recipes all over the blog.

Now that made me laugh out loud!!!

rabbit season!

If only the secret service guys would return fire....sigh.

crossgirl - Duck season! Fire!

This video has to be fake. That's why we've never seen it! Hmmm. Clever.

Actually, the VP was aiming at an out-of-control squirrel

hee hee

Blocked. Can someone give the lowdown ?

Just wait until December when he takes out Santa.

Music - It's a video of the White House Easter Egg Roll, which suddenly shows the Easter Bunny dropping like a stone and Dick Cheney with a rifle hiding behind a tree nearby. Javo thinks it's a fake.

MC - Thanks. I think Santa is next.

My adorable baby sister saw this and thought it was hilarious.

That wasn't funny, that was sick. That little girl was very upset. What is wrong with you morons? I'm not surprised this regime would do this. not at all. The rest of you ought to wake up.

There's no way it could be fake, Javo. It's featured on Dave Barry's blog, for cripes sake. A paragon of responsible reporting!

Also, Mr. C - Rabbit Season! Dick says so.

Fed - If Dick says it, it HAS to be true.

laffin...I thought a hoot...but then I don't let small children view just everything on the net...just sayin Clem

gotta love dead eye dick

He does look EXACTLY like Dick Cheney.

However it seems odd that a video from CNN headline news would have an ABC logo on it.

And that rabbit is not the same one in the beginning of the video.

Oh and a video photographer from a national network probably wouldn't whip pan that fast.

I do not have a "MIME" dealy, so I couldn't see the video ... tnx 4 the explanation ... HOWever, I'm wonderin' ... mebbe the rabbit was a mime?

There were 3 rabbits in the video. According to White House sources, at least 2 of them had terrorist ties. Not the neckwear, but the Eggsama Bunny Llama kind. The shooter was on a grassy knoll to the far right of the White House.

During that quick pan to the shooter, I'm prety sure I saw Jack Bauer.

LOL @ snork @ Annie WBH

The problem was this: Dick was aiming at a target.Normally he uses a shotgun and simply points in the general direction. Also,he failed to hit the Democrat's kid who was rolling the eggs.

Good work Annie!

Hey Faro, I think he broke the president...

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