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April 16, 2006


(Thanks to Russell Mc)


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next headline :"Opposing teams can't seem to shake Booty"

I'm just sad that he gave up a potential career on defense. I hear that as a tackler, once he got a hold of you, you just couldn't shake that Booty.

Booty hurt his back - let this be a warning to the rest of you - wear a brace or two or a girdle or something....

Leinart leaves and Pete Carroll immediately issues a Booty Call. I think USC would be better off with "Dirty" Sanchez.

So ... Trojans #1 ... again?

*snork* @ judi

Well, duh!

Booty no. 1 for Trojans. Um, yeah! Is this article an innuendo festival or what?

"Just that Mark (Sanchez) gained more ground on him."

Mark Sanchez? This article is a gift from above.

Shouldn't we all be asleep now, I guess not, seeing that I am working the overnight at Childrens this am.

"(Carroll) told me that I have what he's looking for in a back... I just can't wait to... show him what I can do."

*stifles, waits, busts out laughing*


"Trojans, trojans, We never break."

Trojan fan (since I was *this* tall) here... Three years ago, during Leinart's "rocky" start as the starter, the home fans would yell "bring in Booty" halfway through the 2nd quarter. Last year, a great way to get a laugh from a whole section of the crowd was to wait for quiet and then yell "bring in Booty".

As for Mark Sanchez... Kid is incredible. But while John David Booty has that 3-name thing reserved for serial killers, Mark Sanchez looks like Richard Ramirez. I can just picture him saying "I'm going to Disneyland" after being sentenced to death.

I'm kinda torn between the two though... Imagine every televised game next year...

"Booty goes to the line, Patrick Turner in motion, Booty goes to an audible, hands off to Johnson, who bursts up the middle for 10 yards."

"You know Steve, technically speaking, that play was a Booty call."

Ha ha ha ha ha. The news report on tax day about the lines at the Post Office at midnight thinks that line is original.

"....questions about Chauncey Washington left the Trojans thin at their trademark position. "

Bad call, coach.

Subtitle: "Bling-Bling from Boosters a Close Second"

Ar der be mein booty.

Waite I thought booty was for number 2.

You guys!

Too early here for witty repartee ... movin' to Sioux Falls today ... will chase tomatoes tonite, if the motel has highspeed -- as advertised -- blog safely today ...

Oops! That (blog safely) is a paraphrase of railroad talk, and yet -- it sorta almost follows this thread ... a little bit ... hmmmm ...

Still better to be lucky, than good ... eh?

O. the U. - it depends...lucky in what way? or good at what? :)

*snork* @ Alfred! (weren't you sleeping?)

Booty call!

From the same article: "With Powdrell and fullback Brandon Hancock providing the power, Carroll said he was looking for a flashy, elusive runner to catch his eye in the fall."

I know that we don't make fun of peoples names on the blog, so I will refrain from saying anything.
(also it is too early in the a.m. and my brain isn't quite up to working yet)

U t O: If Sioux Falls today will we have Vapid City tomorrow?

U. the O. - are you driving, flying, or taking the train (remember the movie 'Planes, Trains & Automobiles'?)

booty is late??? i guess it is time for a booty call.. [ok, that's lame]

Lucky @ most NEthing ... good @ whut really matters, with a little luck tossed in ... just for ... um ... luck ...

Nope, no Vapid City, altho I've got a cousin who lives there ... no RR of our brand serves that area ...

Drivin' the truck to SF,Sodak ... then, if weather permits (looks doubtful thru Wednesday) I'll be workin' on the rails ... with the truck ... but ewe gnu that ...

Leavin' now ... about 9-10 hours on the road ... check on the blog tonite, if the motel has highspeed, as advertised ...

... and yeah ... I got the Sioux (not Sue) Falls ... Vapid (not Rapid) joke/puns ...

How has noone said this yet?

Shake, shake, shake
Shake, shake, shake
Shake your Booty!
Shake your Booty!

Suzy...we were too busy, you know, dancin'...

See you guys tonight for 24.

I'm just glad he doesn't play basketball.

* Booty dribbles down the court

* Booty hands off

* Booty receives the backdoor pass

* Booty with the penetration

* Booty takes it to the hole

* 2-handed jam for Booty!!!

Brad, I love the "tax day at the post office" TV news report. Especially around 11:30p.m when the cars are in line and the reporters are going from car to car asking, "And why are you here?" It's nice to know there's consistency in reporting. I also look forward to "Day before Thanksgiving weekend at the airport".

Don't forget they have to play Oregon State.

Exactly Eleanor. Can't wait for the local perky news tonight!! The other one that is great is the "biggest shopping day of the year" on Friday after Thanksgiving, with 500 wanna-be homeless people camped in the snow in front of Target and WalMart hoping to get all their Christmas shopping done before 10 am that morning.

Yes Brad, that's a good one too. Especially when someone gets trampled.

El, my personal favorite is when they've got six reporters doing remotes (about 2 miles apart from each other), in the middle of a snowstorm to tell you it's FREAKIN' SNOWIN"!!!!

*Files Booty Still No. 1 into "Headlines That Made Me Think the Story Was About Something Else Entirely"*

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