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April 14, 2006


The one where you eat a room.

(Thanks to April Krueger)


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That's kind of like the Chocolate Palace Willy Wonka made, only much, much smaller.

I dunno - after some intense parfait, I have been known to chew on a blanket, or even a cushion if I get that really severe case of the munchies.

If I had a room like that they would have to call the fire department to get me out of it.

P.S. If that dress on the top right is chocolate, I have to go get one RIGHT away - the most beautiful lady on the planet is coming to town this weekend! She'd tas... LOOK great in that!

Chocolate is the mood enhancer! Maybe, as in Hansel and Gretal if the edible gingerbread house had been made out of chocolate instead of ginger maybe the witch would of been in a better mood and not so mean to Hansel and Gretal.

This is amazing! Where can I sign up? Just add strawberries and champagne and I'll never leave home again.

Maybe it's because I live under a rock, but I've never heard of any of those celebrities they list. I'm assuming they'd use the big names, but maybe they only want to use the lesser known celebrities on their list.

So is it good or bad that I don't recognize any of the celebrities cited as having "nibbled and admired" the rooms in question?

Wahoo! A simulpost with Wahooligan! You're my first, by the way.

I'm so glad this has been invented.

Now I can invite people to my house, and then take them to one of the rooms full of dark wood, and tell them it's chocolate, and then laugh as they get splinters in their tongues.

But in a friendly way.

So is this what a man has to buy his wife when he forgets her birthday?

This is a much better idea than the room made out of scrambled eggs.

SNORK! at mud!!

If you buy it on line, is assembly required?

Because if you were say, under the influence of something or other, eating might win out over assembling.

Oh look, here's the hearth, where did the fireplace go? Anyone seen it? Smoochy, what is that all over your face?

*puts this on Hanukkah wish list*

Evidently this is in England. I googled the celebrities and they're all British. In fact, Cherie Booth is the wife of Tony Blair....

Damn those British anyway... Always mucking about....

I think Hansel and Gretel almost met their demise because of this particular room.

God, I wanna move to England!!!

I don't think all the houses in England are made of chocolate, Kathy...

But then, I've never been there so I could be wrong. I do know that all the houses in France are made of cheese, though. Kinda smelly....

Wow! Who knew so many things could be made of cheese? The Moon, wheels, houses in France...

How many Weight Watcher points?

Annie the answer is 2 as choclate comes from a bean and beans are vegetables so chocolate is a vegetable.

And anything you eat while standing up or walking doesn't count since it doesn't have a chance to settle...

That's my theory and I'm sticking with it...

Dave...you remember the fairytale: it was called "The Princess and the Parfait".

Or if you eat it while standing over the sink, clark. :)

Betsy - was Barbara Hershey in that one?

There is no way I want to be in line, even behind a British celebrity, for the Lickable Chocolate Walls.

Seriously, who goes second?

I did not recognize the names of any of the "celebrities" who have experienced the chocolate rooms.

Oops, mUFFLES, I didn't see your post before I wrote mine.

I'm seriously LTTG, but I'd like you all to know how much I'm enjoying the picture of the person in the lower right hand corner (man? woman?) in the act of eating the mantel.

Just snorkalicious.

CR- I'm not sure that dress is made of chocolate, but these dresses are.

I'm not nibbling on anything after Lord Brocket has nibbled on it!

who is he, anyway?

Remember - the fewest germs are on the toilet seat...

[Fivver! Hush!]

Sarah J - WTD??? How in holy mother of cocoa beans do those not melt in your... um.... hands? In a matter of seconds?

At last, a room with a chew.

KDF- I read this somewhere- "Seven designers held a fashion show to promote the fourth Paris chocolate show. All the dresses were melting at the end of the show due to the hot spotlights."
Sounds icky, sticky, messy to me!

Stupe Man - gesundheit (because the room is small).

A W-b-h - 10Q!

"the Lickable Chocolate Walls" WBAGNFARB.

See, when I see things like all these putative celebrities 'enjoying' the chocolate room, I keep thinkin' of Marie Antoinette playing at shepherdess at Le Petit Trianon while the French peasantry starved.
*leaves to find yarn, knitting needles, guillotine and tumbrels*
*wonders if either of those last nouns was spelled correctly*

Betsy- Cloris Leachman in 'History of the World Part I'--'Ve are so poor ve don't eefen have a langvage - all ve haff is dis lousy accent!'

SARAH J - Maybe you should poll the male blogits. Supermodels doused in chocolate -- words come to my mind, but icky ain't one of 'em.

Candy...LOL...thanks! I had forgotten that line:)

Okay, this is messed up, really. You use chocolate to decorate your room, and eat frogs and snakes. I suppose the next step is to run screaming when you see wallpaper and lace curtains.

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