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April 17, 2006


Two-Tailed Lizard


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FIRST! I'm so excited, I can't think of something funny to say....Booger!

This whole deal seems suspicious. The frog looks like he's had extensions. And what's to keep Ahmad from slicing the lizard's tail so it looks like two tails? Maybe Ahmad has forked tongue (and plastic surgeon).

the lizard is now 5.9 inches long "and it has found a special place in Ahmad's heart"

see, that's gratitude for ya - you feed and take care of a two-tailed lizard, and what do ya get out of it?

it burrows in and takes up residence in the part of your heart it has not yet eaten

just like some chicks I know...

this would definitely give adonis pop-tart envy.

Tiny, I sense a smidge of bitterness, perhaps lizard-envy?

Thats not a tail - one of those wasps we saw last week flew RIGHT at the toad at top speed, and pulled his tongue out his butt.

"it was trying to escape from a drain"

...clearly it's just a hair clog wrapped around the toad's leg.

Some Draino oughtta get that right off.

Coast - are you saying the toad is now in politics?

*snork* - no Annie, that would be the entire head in the butt.

Well, all I can say is rural Malaysia has nothing on D.C. for its person-to-Two-Tailed-Lizards-&-Tailed-Toads ratio. Shoot, it doesn't even make STAR headlines out here anymore... and that's saying something.

Say, what are they really selling at those "hot dog" stands out here, anyway?

-Apathetic Hot Dog Eater, Washington D.C.
(isn't that a good name for a Rock Band?)

It has found a special place in Ahmad's heart

What a load, he's just looking for a piece of tail.

Enzyt perhaps?

Despite the apcalyptic nature of the headline, did anyone else notice how the WUSA team isn't quite as perky as some..... happy, but not as perky

also, I once had a cat that swallowed a long piece of yarn. The cat was fine, but the result was similar to the photo....

"Mouseketeer roll call! Count off now!"





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