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April 12, 2006


MiniKiss vs. Tiny Kiss

(Thanks to EducIntel)


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Are they going to do a show for the Twit and K-Fed?

It's a little tug-of-war?

Gentlemen has KISS taught us nothing. It is not about how many little people tribute bands there are it's about playing Rock N Roll all night for the 10,000th time this year.

dualing KISS midgets?


now that's somethin' I'd pay hard American currency to see

It's a shame the Hard Rock Casino here doesn't feature such quality entertainment.

Tucker Carlson interviews Tiny KISS on MSNBC

You think the story's funny - check this out!

I think it would be cool to have Geezer-KISS, which would be where all the band members are over 50, kinda flabby, still think they are 24, and stuff scrunched up socks in their pants where they used to think their packages were. Oh wait, we already have them.

Looks like someone's gonna end up with the short end of the stick. Pfft!

... Tiny Kiss, which includes three little people and a 350-pound woman...

I have no comment. I just wanted to hilight that phrase. And continue to marvel. Tiny kiss indeed....

I have only one thing to say:

Rama rama ding dong!

Tiny Kiss is a bunch of posers. The highlight of any MiniKiss show is when the diminutive dopplganger Gene steps up and bites the head off a pygmy shrew.

Well, I guess this demonstrates that there is competition in ANY market.

Good old American capitalism at work!

As one of the world's biggest KISS fans (as opposed to tiniest KISS fan), I know that the otherwise highly trademark protective band actually encourages "tribute" bands. But, I'm betting that once these bands start accusing each other of ripping each other off, they can expect a call from Gene Simmons' lawyer.

A dwarf singing "I can't get enough of you baby, can you get enough of me?" to a 350lb woman.

Good luck guys.


If someone would have been killed, It would have sounded like an episode of CSI.

If someone would have been killed, It would have sounded like an episode of CSI.

But only if the lighting had gone all dim and bluish.

I suspect that dwarf-tossing biker gang. Look for a guy with a hernia from trying to toss the big gal.

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