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April 22, 2006


There was an explosion at the gas plant. And these folks could not feel perkier about it.


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The "Cow Island" gas plant? Must have been methane.

Hmmmm....Cows, gas....sounds like a job for the Dept. of Redundancy Dept.


I've actually met some of that perky news crew on a field trip in jr. high. That plant is an hour from where I grew up (we measure distance by travel time, not miles in Cajun Country).

Don't know why they call it Cow Island, though. *shrugs*

There is an actual junction in Maine called "Cowsh*t Corner". They sell T-shirts at the general store.

So that's what I smelled when I went outside this morning!

*waves to Noob*

"Hollier was lucky. She had a place to go. Those who didn't were sent to Kaplan High School for shelter"
...where a journalism instructor was airlifted in for emergency intervention.

Yeah, Bets' ... I wuz gonna mention the sloppy style used in the story ... musta been a non-perky graveyard shift writer who wrote it up ...


Cows got keyboards?


The robot woke up for that three-word combination?

Must've been the question mark ... eh?

Bessie Cow:"Hey, Mavis, pull my finger."
Mavis Cow:"Bessie, you don't have a finger."
Bessie Cow:"Hey, you're right! Ok, I've got a better idea. Hold this lit match near my tail."

I have a real people sense when it comes to news crews like that.I can just tell that the second guy from the right would be the one to write about that story in his personal journal.

*snork* @ annie*

If a cow farts into a fire. Its cooked. Blue flame. Quite scary.

Rancher had a great bar-b-cue.

UO- Must have been a robot cow

Noob- measured the same in the rural northwest. Then the suburbanites tell me blocks. I keep looking at bricks.

*Snork* at Betsy. Don't forget "Everyone looked and heard the noise."

Must not take much to get a writing job at KLFY.

I think if you live in a place called Cow Island, you have to expect this kind of thing.

My fault. Was trying a new brand of robotic cow. You see, this one is an ICBC, and it strayed off course, of course. I guess it wanted to see family and forgot it was currently full of current and extremely flamable.

Suprise suprise, both Alfred and I comment on a cow/explosion story

Hmm. The good folks of Cow Island might want to mooooove.

Amber Hollier was watching her little cousin when she was woken up by the early morning phone call telling her to get out to safety.

(red pen twitching [which, BTW, WBAGNFAMovie or a song about Tourette's]...slaps self...that's so bad!)

Course cows smell. They make cheese.
Your pal
Bri P

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