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April 26, 2006



(Thanks to Rockwell, the creator, and Kathy Schrock)


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Ummmm...got any Twitney updates...?
I'm too embarassed to be first. This video is Nerd Central.

How about them Yankees?
*goes off to surf for bare Barry pics...*

really? i thought it was cool :)

What?! No "special thanks" for Dave posting the semi-nekkid pic of Amy Tan??!

BAH, I say...BAH!

judi - you have spoiled me with your hunky cleaning guy and banana thong male models.

You know, these things have been around for years...in fact, you can find them in many local urban Science Centers and the like.

They're just a fancy equivilent of those vortex machines you can build using two soda bottles and some water.

Now if you want some REAL storm control action check out what the Gateway Arch in the St Louis Area can do:


Words of the Sentient:

What stops a man who can laugh from speaking the truth? -- Horace

Oh, hey, we can use links...duh. I forgot:

St Louis Weather Control Machine

Whoa! I think it's cool! And props to the fabricator for not being a smart-a$$ and tossing hamsters into it.

I think it's cool too. Is it ok to toss teacup poodles into it?

Lorrie: No.

...but it might serve as a useful marital aid for struggling hyenas..

Okay, so if a kid can build one of these, we know for sure the terrorists have got one. *shudder*

To quote from Wayne's World, So, it both blows and sucks?

There's one kinda like this at the Exploratorium in San Fusisko. The kids run around in circles in the tube and the air gets to movin'. Then they stop and watch the tornado. Really.

Tornado machine? It's called 'Florida' isn't it?

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