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April 10, 2006



Enjoy your blog.

Look I don't watch 24, but I did go to school with Mr. Sutherland.  He was three years under me and we were in the same house (Fourth House) St. Andrew's College in Aurora Ontario (he is wearing the school tartan in that photo). When I was in grade 13 and he was in grade ten I gave him an ER (early report) for screwing around the  house.  An ER or early report is a punishment making a junior student appear at 7am the next morning and do x number of laps around the quad. Other than that he was a good kid.  This was back in 84.

Keep up the good blogging


Mike Leavens


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Can I say first? I read the letter!

Why didn't you shoot him in the thigh while you had the chance?

What makes you think that he WILL escape ?

And, could you explain to us Brits what 'screwing around the house' entails, exactly? Is it the same as the 'fagging' that young lads have to do at Eton?
And was he wearing the tartan while he was 'screwing'?

also, what the heck's Grade thirteen??

I won't even comment on "three years under me"... I just won't do it.

Sardonicynic: Welcome to Canadian education. It's a wee bit strange. Ontaio is different than here, but in Quebec, it's K-6 for elementary, 7-11 for high school, college for 2 years and then 3 years of university (Freshman year is dropped). I think Ontario has a middle school like you all down south, but they used to go up to grade 13 then on to 3 years of university. That's been eliminated recently and now high school only goes up to trade 12. Don't know if they now do a freshman year at university.

You know those Canadians *wink*

Just kidding Canadians. We know you are just trying to stay warm.

Even then, he played by his own rules. He was probably also on the edge.

Thanks, KOW. Hopefully 13 is not as unlucky there as it is here.

Grade 13 is strictly an Ontario thing. The western provinces (and probably the East coast ones) have K-12. When I was in high school (in Saskatchewan) (pronounced: Skatchewen by those from there) I had a friend who was from Ontario. She graduated with us (from grade 12) and when she went back to Ontario she had to do grade 13 and graduate again. Many of us Western Canadians have long believed that Ontario is a strange place. The Grade 13 thing sort of proved it to us.

grade 13 was eliminated in Ontario a few years ago for the record

...and they do 4 yrs of university education for undergrad

Am I the first to note that The Unshot Thighs WBAGNFARB?

Check out Kiefer's Rolling Stone cover and article!!


Good stuff. Right up there with thigh-shooting.

Other than that he was a good kid.
Well, there was that whole thigh thing.

This was back in 84. And now he's on 24.


Mr. Leavens failed to mention that before imposing an "ER," he first set up a perimeter and instituted a unit-wide backslash protocol.

Then he issued Kevlar thigh armor to everyone in the dorm.

Kiefer did his laps, but he did them in a Flank Two position.

Grade 13? Oh yea they love that metric stuff up there dont they.

no more italics....

*now in possession of way more knowledge than he ever hoped to possess regarding the Canadian education system*

"Screwing around the House" is a new weekly show on TLC.

So, uh...when do we get to see the picture??

Incidentally, it's called "Primary", not "Kindergarten". At least it was where I went, in Nova Scotia.

Of course, grade 13 in canadian is only grade 7 american...

Oh yeah? Well I went to high school with Chloe, so who's cool now?

Becca you are now my personal goddess

... um ... when I wuz in college there were quite a few Canadians in many of my classes (I remember Bev ... my lab partner in Bio 163 ... Hi, Bev, if you're out there) ...

It seems to me that Manitoba had Grade 13 @ the time ... tho I could be mistaken ... there were quite a few from Winterpeg and Brandon and the prairie region ... tho a bunch from Ontario as well, so that could be whut confused me ... merely sayin' ...

I always had the impression that Grade 13 was a sort of Prep School, and the kids I knew who had done that before moving southward for college had a head start on others in their classes ...

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