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April 25, 2006


We aren't rock and roll, we are an improvised music quartet. and thanks to your wonderful blog, we are now the Raging Hamster Quartet. here's a picture of the poster for our concert in Seattle.

Everyone in our quartet thanks you for the inspiration.
wendi martin


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My my, inspired by ether? They should have an interesting sound.

KOW: you stole my line. Get out of my brain, I mean it!

that's such a touching tribute
*single tear*

I once heard a band that may have been inspired by methane, so as far as I'm concerned ether is good.

My vote would be for Nitrous Oxide

"The smell of petroleum prevails throughout."

Inspired by Esther? Who's Esther?

Other sources of inspiration:

Milk of Magnesia

Hamsters are lazy, bulbous squirrels with no ambition or tails.

Excuse me, but I couldn't help but notice that "Bulbous Squirrels" wbagnfarb

Annie - And your point is......?

Annie! You just described my ex wife! She was lazy bulbous and squirrelly with no ambition, and I got no tail when I was with her.

I think CR just made my point for me. Nothing against "Raging Hamsters." I'm sure their improvised music is quite interesting.

Earth Nugget? Now I have an image of Carmello Anthony running down the court wearing these scorched on my brain.

Dave, see you again in Denver Thursday night. Couldn't swing the VIP tix -- any chance of letting us buying you a pint after the gig? There's a great place in the same building as the theater. Should have no trouble evading your groupie. You can even bring Ted.

I'm confused... is it the music that is improvised, or the quartet itself?

Please replace "buying" with "buy". Sorry. Carry on.

"Earth Nugget"

Cousin to the meadow muffin.

The "Rage" is improvised - "Alas, the habitrail is broken -aaaagh!"

Hey, Annie -- we're not going to make the LA gig Saturday after all, because we have been invited to do an all-day sail aboard one of these ships. (The one on the left, I think.)

So have fun for us, and email me if you'd like to find another way to meet up while we're there.


If you ever wondered how to say 'GWAR' in Finnish, it's 'Lordi'...

Other good names for improvised quartets:

"Squat Thrust"
"Ermine Fondue"
"Immaculate Discharge"
"Invisible Font"
"Migraine Prequel"
"Compared to This, I Like Modern Art"

*Burrows further into Jeff Myerson's mind*

He's thinking about cheese....

Another good inspiration: Helium. Now that would make for an interesting band though Alvin and the Chipmunks did corner that market a while back.

KOW and Jeff - Voulez-vous fromage avec moi?

Oh, and I wonder - is Wendi Martin any relation to Claire Martin??

WriterDude - grrr. I'm still trying to make the 2:30 show, but my son has 1st Communion at 9am. Dang kid had to be born Catholic....

Are you suggesting that Claire Martin is related to, and therefore is her ownself, a hamster?

pssst, nobody tell Dave

Annie! Priorities!

I know, I know! It's not like it's his ONLY communion, just his first.

"your quartet is full of hamsters, and your music smells of elderberries"

Annie-Is there a communion festival going on all over the world? I know of so many people having first communion right now.

*smile* @ insom

First we gave the world Louie, Louie
then Hendrix, Heart, Queensryche, Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Alice in Chains, The Presidents of the United States etc...
Now this I couldnt be more proud.

Also it is sunny today

Lisa BFF - 'tis the season, right after Easter. Time for little girls in frilly white dresses and little boys messin' with their ties.

..who will WAIT for Mommy to go see Dave first, cause RBR is waaaay more important.

You are so right.

I think you all are confused about the meaning of "ether." Unless I'm mistaken, and I NEVER am, it has another meaning besides putting people to sleep, such as the air high up in the atmosphere or something. B>}

Wendi - I just gotta say congrats

Wowser, do I feel stoopid ... (why should today be NE different, eh?) ...

Y'all are talkin' about ether havin' another meanin' ... and here all along I wuz thinkin' it meant somepin' about makin' choices ... ya know ... like ... "You can ether take that one, or this one, but not both ..."

(Blushes, slinks off to hide ...)

Addicted to 24:

Unless there's a band by that name, Louie, Louie was a song by the Messengers, @ 1968, Motown. Plus the memebers were from Wisconsin. When I found an original copy of the album, I emailed a scan to an old buddy. He found a link that eventually led to a write-up entitled something like 'Motown's First White Band.'

"Louie, Louie" was the song of choice (along with "Tobacco Road") at 60's frat parties.

Daisymae - It was prominently featured in "Animal House"....

I am not related to Claire that I know of.
no hamsters are harmed in the process of our making music.
Improvised music is a style of music so unique that we often have audiences of a dozen people or more.
for many of you, you would probably think we were worst musicians than the rock bottom remainders, but for those of you are interested in free jazz and avant garde classical music we are da bomb.
Ether is an element in Ayurvedic medicine as are earth, water, fire and air. Ether is the energy that makes up the universe.
it is also anesthesia.
the ether you were thinking of is spelled with an i as an either.
Those of you in Seattle with an enjoyment of a wider range of music than britney spears and n'sync ought to come to the show. it will rock.
I mean we have raging hamsters and petrified cowpies performing on stage. what can be better than that?

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