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April 16, 2006


Spider poachers.


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feel free to poach spiders on my porch.

Tansley and Ezendam were spider enthusiasts and freelance researchers. . . They had shown, said CapeNature, "a great degree of remorse".

If I were a spider enthusiast I'd feel remorse, too.

Call the chameleons - the ultimate spider poachers!

Now that I think of it:

Chameleons WBAGNFARB.

(yes, I know it was a song by Boy George)

They knew it was illegal but didn't think it was THAT illegal?!?!?!?!

If I had a nickel for every time one of my clients said that......

Key Quote: They had 27 baboon spiders, 20 other spiders and four scorpions.

Please poach baboon spiders and scorpions at my house any time FREE OF CHARGE - no fines!

(good, now I won't have to pay the exterminator)

poached spiders? i prefer them pureed myself...

dammit insomaniac that took the wind completely outta my "i like my spiders sunny side up" idea.

I'm beginning to think that this blog's official theme song should be the 1974 "hit" by Jim Stafford, "Spiders and Snakes"


I don't like spiders and snakes
And that ain't what it takes to love me
Like I wanna be loved by you
I don't like spiders and snakes
And that ain't what it takes to love me
Like I wanna be loved by you

insom and rick:

Perfect breakfast, poached spider with poop bean coffee! Yumm! I'll have seconds!!!

Give it to Mikey. He'll eat anything.


" ... a great deal of remorse ..."

Yeah, about R3,000 worth of it, NEway ...

well sure, *baboon* spiders...

The Spider Whisperer-on A&E saturdays at 9PM

Spiders got ears?

They had shown, said CapeNature, "a great degree of remorse".

Yeah, they were very remorseful that they got caught. They promised the judge to never get caught poaching spiders again.

international spider expert: we will go into the national park and still every babboon spider we can find!!

enthusiast #1: what about scorpions?

expert: only if there's time!

enthusiast #2: where will we put 'em?

expert: in the secret compartments in our Spiderman underoos.

#1: what if we're caught?

expert: act all remorseful and say you'll never do it again

all: mwa-ha-ha-ha!!!

or steal every babboon spider...

an internationally recognised spider expert


I never knew there was a nationally recognized spider expert; much less one that went international.

In case anyone else is wondering, that's a little under US$500.

Gee, such a deterrent. You'd think the spiders and scorpions themselves would have been a deterrent...


Yes, I'm sure they were very remorseful over their unwittingly serious violation, and not at all over the loss of some serious profits on the black market, because that would be so wrong.

The Richard Gallon? The internationally recognised spider expert? He just couldn't have been involved with something like this. The Dutch set him up!

These are guys I definitely do NOT want to date. Under any circumstances. No, really. I mean it!

What's wrong with remorseful guys, SQ?

Remorseful guys with spiders is my guess as to whut she dislikes ... merely guessin' ...

Lairbo...as further proof that great minds, etc., I've been singin' 'spiders and snakes' since, uh, a couple of days ago, on, uh, a post on some other thread.
It mighta been the one with the sea spiders; or maybe the one with the snakelets eating their mom's skin; or possibly the one where the giant cockroach....ah, the hell with it. Face it: around here it's ALL spiders'n'snakes ALL the time.

Betsy, I think you're right.

I realized something else odd, too. Julian Sands, the head IEST on 24, once played [cue spooky music] a spider expert in the movie Arachnophobia (starring Jeff Daniels and John Goodman).

Coincidence? Yeah, prolly.

I just squashed a gigantico spider on my threshhold. I'm no internationally recognized spider expert, but if it was a baboon spider, I'm not at all remorseful.

Meanie: It's not remorseful guys in general, it's these particular guys. They might have spiders and scorpions in their underoos! Yikes!

Are YOU remorseful about something?

Hmmm....let me get my list, SQ.

The important thing to remember, in regards to spider poachers, is that you buy one large enough for the spider you wish to poach. Otherwise its legs hang over the edge and get overdone.
Words of the Sentient:
The truth is that schools don't really teach anything except how to obey orders. -- John Taylor Gatto

KAZ (& John Taylor Gatto)

Schools don't teach anything ... Teachers are the ones who teach ... at least the gifted ones do ... merely sayin' ...

I'm certain that even poached spiders would be pretty disgusting, although the thought of all those drumsticks does give me pause (not [not knot, naught, gnawed or gnaw it] paws or paw's).

Spider, the other hairy white meat!©

So, do they spread out and feather all over the pan if you don't put vinegar in the water?

And I suppose they have to be cracked open into the water first, otherwise they're just boiled.

In about a month or less, there'll be plenty of Latrodectus mactans in the Land Of Bovine Living Also Known As Chino Hills for poaching!

latrodectus mactans = black widow spider (ugh)

I'm also pretty sure that we have some Loxosceles reclusae (brown recluse spider) as well.

Of course, if they _really_ want big, bad spiders to take on, The Land Down Under has those butt-kicking funnel-web spiders!

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