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April 22, 2006


You can't do this.


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At least he didn't use the money as toilet paper first.

I wonder what the teller thought when they brought all of that in.

The teller thought: "What is all this s**t!"

bbescula - *snork*

Though, I believe the tellet thought - "Vas ees ull dis poopencaca?"



not enough coffee in me yet.

Key euphemistic quote: "...deposited his dough."

punkin...'tellet' is obviously a brilliant combination of 'teller' and 'toilet'
You don't need coffee; you need an intellectual properties lawyer.

Thank you, Betsy - I feel infinitely less dorky now.

Musta been a Heil Flow ... nicht wahr?

Otherwise, a wad this big wouldn't have ... um ... nevermind ...

Hey, I sent this in! And I get no credit?

Suzy Q -no credit for you! But if you whine about it, judi will give you sh!t for it. :)

KDF - you beat me to the euphemism - great minds think #2 jokes.

I'm telling you, Annie, this lack of supervision on the blog is just not good...

Oops! I forgot about judi.

Ok, I didn't send this in! Really, nope, not me.

He's happy he didn't put it in the shredder. The bank teller is kind of wishing he had.

(insert Far Side illus. of teller with clothespin on nose here)

See the athourities were quite nice. They escorted the guy to the bank.
And the bank person echanged the crap.

We're unsupervised? Really?
*swipes Suzy Q's other memorable submissions from judi. Attempts to flush them down low-flow.*

Oh, no! Yo- dough no go low-flow, so slow - dough sow mo' Euro fo' no-know do-do. Ho, ho!

Annie ~ We're all sharing anti-psychotic meds on the "GPS" thread....why don't you meet us there...

*whispers* I sent it in too. But at least it wasn't credited to YouKnowWho.

"Police accompanied the retiree to the bank, where he deposited his dough."

Wouldn't that be his doo?

Depends, Bumble ... on how you pronounce it ... (it's all in the wrist ... or ... the reflexes ...)

I can imagine the talk after the plumber was finished with the fiscal septic retrieval and this genius went to pay him:

"Ummm . . . I only accept checks."

MartiniShark - oh, I get it - this guy is German, not Czech.

"The Intellectual Property Lawyers" WBAGNFARB!

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