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April 24, 2006


If we understand this story correctly, Achankunju, presiding officer for Kidangamparbu near Alappuzha, was bitten by a snake while sleeping in a polling booth. Also the power was out.


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Bless you. You really need to see someone about that cold.

Interesting to see how things are done in other countries. We don't allow our politicians that close to the polling places on Election Day.

i'm sure this story is hilarious. too bad i can't read it. no doubt, even as we don't speak, it's loading up somewhere for someone. not, however, for me. (i hate when that happens)

This almost seems like any other portal site, except for that ONE category in the middle:
Education, Friendship, Health, Hotels | Tours, KALYANAM, Movies, Music, Panorama, Finance
Couldn't they just say News, or am I just being culturally insensitive / ignorant?

Achankunju, presiding officer for Kidangamparbu booth near here, was bitten on the fingers by the snake while sleeping in the booth last night, police said. There was power failure for sometime in the booth put up at a Lower Primary school. His condition was stated to be stable.

So many questions. Did the snake get in because of the power failure? Or did the snake cause the power to go out? Whose condition was stated to be stable? Achankunju's, the snake's, or the Lower Primary school's?

And more importantly, how many people in Chennai have found life partners who suit them through shaadi.com?

shouldn't this story be from Mysore?

i hope Mr. Achankuju was just overseeing the integrity of the process by guarding the booth and not actually living there... or this could be the kick-off for a new ad campaign, "If you lived here you'd be voting by now."

they use paper ballots, don't they? are there problems with 'fanging chads'?

An apparent side effect of the venom is a smaller font.

Now in Chicago polling places, we feed the snakes on doughtnuts

Also, Karthik feels insulted.

now i don't dare to vote in my country's general elections...

Now that is a well written news article.

His condition was stated to be stable.

When I wuz an EMT, we were told that describing a patient's condition as "stable" was not the preferred nomenclature ... after all, "Dead" is "stable" ... merely sayin' ...



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