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April 25, 2006


If you can make it there, you may very well cause a clog.


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Congrats to Miami for being up there. Dave's contibution?

"Our Clog Clinic researchers have been studying toilet-plumbing problems since 1996, and they maintain that clogs can be avoided if proper steps are taken,"

Yeah, like not pooping in it.

If you hit refresh a couple of times the article gets wayyyy more interesting. (The t-shirt ad)

Sounds like the Big Apple needs a Big Bran Muffin.

An apple a day keeps the plumber away.

I hope nobody makes any cracks about National Plumber's Day.

Lairbo - we would never stoop that low.

We have a small apartment house in Ft. Lauderdale, and one day the plumbing stopped up. Someone had flushed panties down the toilet and stopped up the whole place.

Another blow to low flow.

Hey folks, been gone a while.
I know this is off topic, but I just knew the "24" fans would love this.

Best \"24\" thing of the week!

Hope the link works

Sorry Doug. No worky linky.

OK, try this link instead (paste into your browser):


"Scott's Clog Clinic"...how can a shoe repair shop make valid coments on matters relating to plumbing?

Also, any chance that Punkin Poo's sister had a hand in this as well?

Lairbo - In my experience, plumbers make their OWN cracks.

AFKAT - I think Punkin Poo's sister put all that cr@p behind her.
*tosses an 'm' up to AFKAT's post*

Mebbe that "clog" wuz caused by a ... no ... best not go there ... too many of them ... um ... nevermind ...

"Out of all the plumbing joints in all the world, we had to be stuck in this one."

What items are inappropriate for flushing? We know it is not only appropriate but down right expected to flush snakes. Also, alligators, turtles and fish. What about my Chihuahua? How 'bout my Great Dane? Those bratty kids next door? We need to know what is appropriate dang it!

Hey, my mother lives in flushing. so back off. harumph. flushing, indeed. which is in new york city.

I don't how NYC could be the worst - they have a whole borough dedicated to Flushing.

Appropriate items for flushing:

Small cats
Large cats
Medium cats

New York, New York
It's a hell of a clog
The plumbers live life high on the hog
People flush down their old wiener dogs
New York, New York
It's a hell of a clog!

AWBH: My father once owned a toilet chain in Flushing... nyuck, nyuck, nyuck.

Lairbo - ack! I heard word leaked out that business stank.

Why are NYC and a couple of towns in FLA tops in backed up crappers? Two words: Baby Gators! It explains everything. Except for all the other cities on the list.

*snork* @ Dave for "make it there"

*tee hees* to Annie, Lairbo and Insom


"Yeah, you New Yorkers are full of it."

"Not anymore."

I heard somewhere that the Sewer Department in NYC was takin' inventory, and they were 60 tons of sh!t short ... after readin' this, I'll hafta agree with fivver ...

"Not any more ..."

For boats, appropriate for flushing is defined as:

Only stuff that you have swallowed, first. Yes, theoretically you're supposed to put the TP in the trash, but practicality says pay the extra bucks for special, highly degradeable TP.

The Association Studying Internet Fads (ASIF) respectfully requests that Dave Barry's Blog cease and desist from using the word "clog" to refer to plumbing blockages, since that specific term has been reserved with the ASIF to refer to a sub-genre of blogs (like moblog and vlog). Specifically, "clog" is intended to refer to a "comedic blog"... like Dave's, coincidentally.

We have previously notified the Scott's Clog Clinic about this misuse of terminology, and all we got was a 10-cents-off toilet tissue coupon via return mail.


Ya can't copyright a WORD ... you can register it as a TRADE MARK (Tide™, Time®, Business Week®, All™, Mad®, Sprint®™ ... et cetera) but ya can't stop the public from usin' the word in general communication or exchange of information ...

HOWever, if y'all are usin' a neologism -- or unique spelling (Duz™, FoneTrac™) then you've got that part covered ...

End of TMI (for now) ...

Hope this doesn't clog up your crusade for comedic control ...

"The Seattle/Tacoma area in Washington state is tops for free-flowing plumbing..."

Could someone please explain this to my toilet? Thank you.

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