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April 11, 2006


Now they're using salad frogs.


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Am I really missing the French connection through the whole thing? Someone explain please. If she is refering to the frog, wouldnt she be talking about Canadian food?

"I took it back with the frog and got a full refund."

Don't you just love those down under? Here we'd sue the pants off them.

Sardonicynic: Salad frogs have pants?

ooops! I was thinking bullfrogs. sorry.

I'm with you, CR - the whole "I still love French dressing" at the end really threw me off.

And "Frog Salad" might BAGNFARB.

"French fries , French dressing , French bread... and to drink - Peru!"
Geezer points for the movie quote!

Was it a "Crunchy Frog"
Python Skit

CR - "Better Off Dead"

My French friend informs me (arrogantly) that the French do not append the adjective French to anything. To them French fries are just "fried potatoes", etc. Same goes for English muffins in England.

Yay pogo!!

CR - "frog" is used by Englishmen and Aussies to note French heritage. (French speaking) Canadians inherited the name... My dad is still called Frog by my mom's relatives.

frogs...why did it have to be frogs...

*snork* at casey!

So do French people call French Braids just plain "braids?"

"We were worried it could go undetected because of the green colour of the lettuce and the green colour of the frog and that's why we contacted Coles."

It would be a good match for the green colo(u)r of the guests...

True story from the mid-'80s: Two guys in the AP biology class at my high school had just dissected a cat, and they took certain choice leftover items from that process and added them to the salad bar in the cafeteria.

Ah ... Good times.

thank goodness "it died with it's leg outstretched", otherwise she might never have found it. aieee!

Thank you DJ for enlightening me. Knew it referred to French Canadians (with less than the best of intentions), didnt know it was "universal" for the heritage.

broccoli snakes, salad frogs, no more veggies for me!

Et tu Kermit ?

she wouldn't have a case if she sued anyway, she ordered it with 'the works' after all...

OK, here's the only way to properly prepare a frog for salad

Frog salad? I got your frog salad right here!

Lifted leg? Sure he wasn't "marking" his territory?

Pogo, CR, et al,

In cooking, any food that is trimmed a certain way (like a lamb chop), flattened with a cleaver, cut lengthwise (like green beans), or fried in deep hot oil can be called "french" (lower-case F). Also, "to french" means to cut food into small slivers.

Your cooking terminology lesson for today, brought to you by me. Tips welcome.

~~~ya got your dead frog in the middle of the radicchio~~~

Thanx Mr C!! I hadn't put it in that context! Now her dressing comment makes sense AND is sort of witty - while still managing to be gross.

Thumper...I am not an indiscriminate lover of amphibians, but your frog blender grossed me out (as you no doubt intended).

Shame on you. I don't know if the dog house is available at the moment; perhaps you'll have to be sent to the FROG house instead. *laughs diabolically* Bunnies aren't the only thumpers, you know...

P.S. Revenge of the Frongs might BAGNFARB...

FROGS, not frongs. jeez:(

I dunno Betsy - Revenge of the Frongs has lots of album possibilities...
Right Or Frong
Doin You Frong
On the Frong Side of the Fence
It May Be Frong But It Shut You Up
If Loving You is Frong I dont Wanna Be Right
Frong Way to the Right Place (or Right Place Frong Time)

I kinda like it!

Yes that's all very well ......but as we all know from America's leading chef who cooks with gas (digestion problem apparently), when tossing (please let me finish)a salad there are known gnomes, unknown knowns who know gnomes, unknown gnomes (late cv's will not be considered)who are battling for recognition but remain unknowns....

This may cause terror with your salad but is hardly a reason to cry havoc and let loose the dogs of war.

You know, first we couldn't eat meat because of mad cows, then we couldn't eat fish because of mercury poisoning, then we couldn't eat chicken because of PETA and now we can't eat salad because of frog terrorism.

I'm going back to KitKat bars and Krispy Kremes. They are apparently the only safe food sources.

I thought PETA stood for People Eating Tasty Animals?

SN, I like your thinking! Throw in some Mountain Dew, and I'm in!

Salad Frogs would make a great band name. I am currently looking for a band name, and this blog has been an invaluable resource. I like Frongs, too.

...which died clinging to a green lettuce leaf with its left leg outstretched

Exactly the way I hope to go.

*snork* @ kdf

...and if anyone achieves show-biz success using any variation of the word "frong", I'll settle for 10%;)

P.S. Thank you, Coast. I wonder if the opposite of frong is fright?

I can never remember, which one is the salad frog, and which one is the dinner frog? Something about one of them going on the left, but they never stay put on the place setting for me anyway.

the dinner frog has longer frongs

"...which died clinging to a green lettuce leaf with its left leg outstretched..."

Exactly the way I hope to go.

KDF, I think I'd rather be clinging to an empty 'rita glass...or perhaps an empty Oreo wrapper!

I found a rather large, green worm in a bagged salad before. I'm with her - I will wash my own lettuce from now on, thank you. Cheaper, too.

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