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April 12, 2006


For now, this is only a dream....

(Thanks to Marie in Kourou)


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dream? or nightmare?

maybe a plot device for 24 next season? (reallyreally scary/explosive weapon of mass destruction)

Anyone want a schematic diagram

what the heck? did you wear everyone out yesterday with all that power-blogging?

*glazed stare*

I already own a fart powered blanket launcher. Launches small skittish animals too.

Dream? Dream?

Gimme a half dozen guys and a keg of beer and we'll make your dream come true.

To boldly go where no man has gone before...

Of course it is an interesting concept - launcing rockets from instead of to Uranus.

I started with the last post of the day and worked my way here, so I'll second CR's comment on that thread: from farts to mo bettah farts.

i'm guessing i won't find this in the pink aisle at toys r us.

crossgirl, the technology will soon be used in barbie's new male companion... "bubba"

Kudos to Marie in Kourou! *cheers*

*is gobsmacked* I got blogged. Wow. I thought zillions of other people would have sent that in, seeing as how it's on BoingBoing. Thanks, Dave!

{{{MOTW}}} Whoooohoooo! This made my day.

Chuckle - Marie in Korou...
The good news is that you got blogged.
The bad news is that now your name is now forever tied to a fart rocket.

It is not a dream as dave has shown here.

And I am forever tied to redundancy.

This will be a *huge hit* for the prepubescent males amoung us.

someone used this song before i think...

Fart me to the moon
Or Jupiter, Saturn
No one volunteered
To watch the engines burn
In other words, stand up wind...

Hasn't that been done by every fraternity in America?

Little skill and minimal safety precautions are required to operate the launcher; hence the operator may even be a child...

...but is far more likely to be an "adult" male.

P.S. Sly...isn't that "farternity"???

Spy photo of weapons of mass destruction...


Into [b]space[/b]? What the...?

This thing actually breaks through gravitational forces into space?? Or does it just break wind?

"T-minus 5, 4, 3, 2, 1...we have, err...'blast' off of Buttnick 1. Pee-Yew!"

*discovers new medical term "colonic gas" a.k.a. FART*

Headline should read "Breaking Wind sends rocket into space."


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