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April 20, 2006


They're very excited about the World Cup.

(Thanks to Frank Smith)


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Boy, they've got a lot of balls, to make those comments ... merely sayin' ...

... and ...

Adidas is a Deutschlander company?

Hu nu?

Not moi ... sorry, I don't make enuf money to pay attention ...

... ok ... whut else is there that I've missed in the last few days, weeks, months ... years ... decades ...

Plenty, I'm sure ...

... but I din't miss that HAT TRICK!

... and on a soccer/futball thread! How apropos ... (since there aren't many Cricket threads ... merely sayin' ...)

Judi - Just when you thought the headlines couldn't get any worse, eh?

punkin, I was thinking the same thing. :)

Judi, Punkin' ...

I s'pose it's better than a story (with photos) about the Swedish Bells ... merely guessin' ...

You, too, sg ... your post wuzn't there when I said that to Judi and Punkin' ... merely not ignorin' you ... merely sayin' ...

I like how his hands are spread apart in front of him as if to say
"mmmmm - they're about soo big!"

so round... so firm... so fully packed

"The German sports giant hopes to sell 10 million World Cup balls to the public, at a cost of 150 euros ($185.25) each."

Hmmmm...are they competing with neuticles?

He's gonna need a LARGE cup for those.

In Japanese, "Golden Ball" is the literal translation of the characters used to write the word "testicle".

...better than blue balls, I'm thinkin'...

Oh Dave.
Check this out..
Brazillians ahve even MORE exotic soccer stuff going on...


Markbnj @ excite.com

You might have Balls of Gold. But Cross Country runners have balls of Steel.

The World Cup is coming already? Man I keep losing track of time over this. HArd to keep up, SINCE MY FREAKING PAPER DOESN'T EVEN TALK ABOUT IT!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry, soar spot. My paper didn't even mention when the womens American team won the World Cup.

Dave, no one gives a sh*t about this.

I noticed they were lacking blue balls, does this perhaps have anything to do with German beer?

Golden Balls?
No thanks.
Im happy with the ones I've been living with, for the past 16 years.
At least, THEY are USEFUL!

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