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April 17, 2006



(Thanks to Geoff Millener)


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Sponsored by Jimmy Dean.

And first again! Quite the little piglet.

"How could you eat a competitor who is known around the world?"

In this sport only the best athletes are eaten.

At least they aren't hogging their teams' salary caps.

Are there Pig Winter Olympics too? I wanna see one do a triple sow-kow.

"New Generation of Sport Pigs" WBAGNFARB

so you've got piglets tossing around the ole pig skin, eh?

oh wait, they mean soccer. never mind.

the pigs were more interested in bumping into each other than racing

It's Bumper Piglets which BTW WBAGNFARB

And, of course, *snork* @ fivver

White Meat Can't Jump.....

In this case, *snort* at fivver.

I never expected to see such frivolity at the former Soviet Union. *adjusts geezer badge*

Is anyone else having trouble seeing comments on the other post (toilet bowl yard) this morning?

MOTW - I have to agree with your Soviet Union thought! It's a refreshing change in the world.

*snork* at Clark Kent

Sometimes I have to be "carried squealing" to do things too.

*and 'Dueling Banjos' starts playing in the background*

OK, does anyone else suspect that there may be a spider behind all of this?

*starts to hand TC his "K" again, then decides to keep it*

*snorks @ fivver*

*waits with daisymae for check*

TC left his "K" back home to watch over his baby bunnies.

See previous thread:

I have TC's "K".

I'm considering holding an auction.

El - how big is his "K"?

Annie, all I can say is that it's bigger than Adonis's HUGE POP TART.
*wide-eyed look*

well duh

that goes without sayin'

Piglets wearing bibs. Funny. Wonder if that concept was created 'cause when humans chow down on baby backs with extra sauce, they wear bibs too. My vote says 86 the bibs and put them in respectable hula skirts instead.

*snork!* at El....better put it on your keychain so you don't lose it! And tag it, so you don't confuse it with the other ones already on your keychain.

*starts to hand TC his "K" again, then decides to keep it*

*snorks @ fivver*

*waits with daisymae for check*

Posted by: southerngirl | 11:36 AM on April 17, 2006

Grabs TC's "K" and runs off*

Why does he need it anyway? And I do.

So. There.

Posted by: Eleanor | 12:15 PM on April 17, 2006

sorry, El, you can't grab TC's K, or his poptart, or anything. it's already been grabbed by me. just sayin'.

but I'm willin' to share with you. ;)

OK, I'm not opposed to bein' shared

but it might be more fun if ya could fight over me just a little bit first

I love piggys! The little bathing caps are so cute.

Yep, that Soviet Union is comin' along okay.

So this is what happens when you leave Socialism.
Pass the pork.

In motherland pigs win gold.

in southland they're basted with BBQ sauce.

... um ... I really don't like to pick at sloppy journalism (since when?) but wouldn't this game be snout-ball ... or nose-ball?

I mean ... when they use their little trotters, them critters don't really have anything to kick about ... IMHO ...

(Here's hopin' they don't get a serious case of porcine atrophic rhinitis or they can kiss their Olympic careers good-bye ... merely sayin' ...)

I'm just worried that we have a soccer-playing-pig gap...

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