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April 12, 2006


If you happen to be making the traditional Passover Charoset, using the ancient Jewish method of putting the ingredients in a blender, be advised that if you remove the blender top to poke a piece of unblended apple down toward the blades, you may experience a violent eruption resulting in a good-sized glob of traditional Passover Charoset on the kitchen ceiling, and your wife will give you: The Look.


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It would be at this point I would turn to my wife and say "LOVE YOU" but then again I am not married.

I think it would be a good time for The Wife to point out the OFF button for Dave.

Nice. How long did it stay up there? Or did you have to take it down immediately? Could be an interesting experiment.

That is precisely the reason why we developed The Look.

Note: Keep certain semi-retired writers away from blender at next daiquiri party.

Dave, Dave, Dave....*sigh*

You're supposed to chop, chop, chop, not blend, blend, blend....

Do you think Moses and his crew took a blender with them when they crossed the desert?

No. They did not.

p.s. Remember to leave the front door open for Elijah! :)


Maybe I can start a "Cooking for Guys" class, where they can get all that out of their system first, preferably in a kitchen that can be hosed down, then teach them how to properly use the toys.


Wow, when you spill food on the ceiling your wife gives you the "Let's go the the bedroom RIGHT NOW!" look?

You da man!

Or were you talking about a different look?

Boy, C-bol, you must have one terrific wife if, when you get food on the ceiling, that's the look she gives you!

WTG!! :)

"The Erupting Charosets of Death" wbagnfaklezmerb

BTW ----

...and if you cook it, you can call it "Charosets of Fire"

*Jewish snork at Betsy*

KOW: Isn't how long some Charoset stayed on a ceiling the basis for one or other Jewish holiday?

You HAVE to go here:

Charoset in a blender? Wouldn't that be like pureed applesauce? Ya gotta chop, Dave!


I believe it says, in Exodus 16:12-15

And yeah, Moses didst verily lift up his staff, and yeah happily and joyfully didst the apples blendeth, much like a modern blender wouldst blendeth them.

So, I think Dave has a Moses complex.

Well, C-bol, I've suspected that Dave has some kind of a "Great Man" complex, so now that you point out that portion of The Old Testament , I'm sure that's what it is.


...Mrs. Blog here...Just want to point out that despite Dave's shortcomings on the Charoset front, he does make some MEAN AND FLUFFY matzah balls! My 95-year-old grandfather, may he rest in peace, used to say Dave's matzah balls were the best he had eaten "since Var-saw.''
Happy Passover, Happy Easter....Michelle.

Back at you, Michelle. I hope the Seder went well. :)

Yeah, but how's his kreplach?

Can something be both mean and fluffy at the same time? Discuss.

I'm really not sure we should be getting into Dave's grandfather-in-law's enjoyment of his balls... .

I think with family appreciation of Dave's balls we've definitely crossed a line into a part of the holiday I didn't know about.

Higgy - Have you met my ferocious jungle cat Piper?

NO kreplach on pesach!! just nice fluffy matzaballs. and i am not making this up......... i got a catalogue from jewish source.com, and they had, not kidding....10 plagues finger puppets. no kidding.
that needs to go on the 'holiday' gift list, dave.

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