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April 12, 2006


Maggot talks.

(Thanks to artchick)

UPDATE: They should hold those talks here.

(Thanks to Rick Harover)


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I just vomited a little in my mouth

If swallowed, the cylindrical, crush-resistant grub-like body was unlikely to cause major health problems, he said.

Apart from vomiting, that is.

Husband: Honey I am going on the road again.

Wife: You said that was behind you. YOU PROMISED NO MORE GROUPIES.

Husband: I am going to a convention on Maggots.

Wife: Oh ok then there wont be a woman with in 500 miles of that thing have fun honey.

"cylindrical, crush-resistant grub-like body"

Mmmmm, sounds yummy...especially woth sea-spider sauce...

"The only drawback to studying maggots is that you don't have long, as they turn into flies in three days," he added.

Kinda of like studying marriages in Hollywood...


"Rat-Tailed Maggots" wbagnfarb

a good day for maggots but a really bad day for Capetown.

oh well, i hadn't planned on going there soon (ever) anyway.

Whee! I got a story posted two days in a row! (checks driver's license to make sure she hasn't changed into Claire Martin)

Congrats artchick, maybe you could have a seminar for those of us who have only been posted ONCE?

Maybe twice, but still........

"If swallowed, the cylindrical, crush-resistant grub-like body was unlikely to cause major health problems, he said."

good to know

The part of the article that really jumped out at me was that there are "70 leading maggot experts" in the entire world. That means , probably, that there are legions of less successful maggot expert wanna-be types out there somewhere who have disappointed their families and friends.

I didn't read the article, but I can only hope that the title of the talk is "Maggots: Gotta kill 'em all"

Now, KOW, not all maggots are bad

This article sucks. Everyone knows that fruit flies don't have the time of day.

I always wonder if people with jobs like this ever eat lunch at their desks.

Maggots. Why did it have to be maggots.

Bleeeeeeeeeeeah (shivers)

To quote Dave: "They should those talks here." Has he been working the drive-up window again?

Uh, Dave? They should WHAT those talks here?

He's right, though. They SHOULD those talks there.

Just as an aside, every time I see the heading "Maggot Talks", I mentally respond, "Bullsh*t walks*.

That article is written in such a defensive tone. Do you suppose much fun has been made of him for his career choice?

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