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April 12, 2006


...bt it's hrd to prss th righht kys wit ths stickk


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Itts' aa good thoing I weer wrk glovess.

Well! No more of that old eating-at-my-desk stuff! I'm eating off the office terlet from now on!

*snork @ Leetie*

Whr is Bangi? She cud teach us a thng or 2 abt ths stuff.

*goes off to requisition a plunger & toilet brush to keep by my desk*

It's only a matter of time before we begin each day by encasing all freshly disinfected body parts in medical grade latex.

Don't. Touch. Anything. Except the toilet, 'cause it's fine.

Remembering one of Dave's columns from some years ago, I decided to douse my keyboard with alcohol and set it on fire.

I will be mentioning this in my subsequent unemployment application.

(wonders how much of the bacteria on keyboard is due to cat laying on keyboard?)

1. Don't lick keyboard
2. Use one of those toilet cover things for the mouse.
3. Don't lick the mouse.
4. Don't lick keyboard while sleeping.

Thank you

Will Judi now recommend that we hover over our desks too?

i'm sure with enough practice, i could learn to type with my butt.

And that is why God gave us immune systems. So we can stop slathering ourselves with disinfectant bacterial resistant products and stop the hovering!!!!! and just accept that yes, we will encounter germs at one point in the day and yes, our immune systems will handle it.

What the computer needs is some kind of "lid" for the keyboard.

Which guys would forever leave up.

*snork* @ crossgirl

I would have completely dismissed the study, since it was funded by Clorox, except that it has Dr. (don't call me UP)Chuck Gerba's name as the researcher. As JT pointed out, Dave wrote a terrific column about Gerba once upon a time.

You just gotta respect a scientist who lights toilets on fire to disinfect them.

What Somewhere North said.

I'm sorry this isn't funny.

Licking Toiletseats WBAGNFARB, though.

I was eating at my desk when I read this. Guess I'm gonna die now. Nice knowin' ya'll

One of the purposes of the study was to count the number of "illness-causing" germs. But, did they count the number of people who actually fell ill from said germs?

Then I guess it's a good thing I actually clean my desk and keep my keyboard covered when I'm not using it. My roommate thinks it's silly that I kept the foamie packaging thing that was between the screen and keyboard of my laptop when I got it and use it to cover the keyboard when I'm not typing. :) Yay for obsessive-compulsive-like tendencies to keep things clean!!

*kicks SN's soapbox out from under her*

*ducks to avoid sockful o' nickels*

You're right of course, SN, I'm just
a-playin' with ya! :)

You're missing the best stuff. Drop down to the link to the ultimate toilet seat, it's great! Who'da ever guessed you could get an enema from your toilet seat??

Continuing with my "Ultimate Toilet Seat" tangent. I just love the little flash animation that looks like the toilet is peeing. Now the seat can wet itself, it doesn't even have to wait for the hover-peeers to do the job.

*tries to put one of These over her keyboard*

And the best part of the "Ultimate toilet seat":

"Massage Wash -- During the Posterior or Feminine wash, the adjustable pulsating stream of water helps stimulate the area improving blood circulation and provides a more delightful and calming Spa kind of experience."

...and the Super Deluxe Model dispenses a cigarette when you've been sufficiently delighted and calmed

Yes, but how much of that bacteria is harmful?

Isn't the reason that toilet seats contain surprisingly few bacteria simply because the next person's butt effectively picks up whatever the last person left?

OK...I'll shut up now...but just asking...

Crossgirl, thanks for the belly laugh.

FYI - yer butt's covered all day, yer fingers get into all kinds of places (cover yer mouth when you sneeze?)

It's perty simple -- at least for guys -- Five-Second rule applies ...

If the food doesn't stay on the keyboard for more than five seconds, it's still safe to eat ...

(Sarah J -- I keep the foam thingy in my laptop when the lid is down so that my screen doesn't get all scuffed up ... does this make me O-C? Or merely weird? -- It should be noted that I have "cleaned" my keyboard and other surfaces on my laptop exactly ONCE since I bought it ... I'm just carefuller when I eat or drink around the computers ... 'cuz I once spilled a large glass of Coca-Cola® on an earlier model ... I cleaned it up perty good, but the "M" key was still sticky until that computer crashed ... I learned from that episode, to be cautious with my epicurean consumption ...)


I hate it when I've been "clever" with my nametag, and then forget to change it back ... merley sayin' ...

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