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April 14, 2006



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There isn't a railing around it?

By the way......FIRST! :P

OK, he named his cow "legs"?


1500 pound legs? To quote Robin Williams - "Those arent calves - those are STEERS!"

Key Quote: Peretin said many fire companies, especially rural ones, are willing to do a little extra because they are in tune with their communities.

Holy Cow!

mooving story.

"It"??? In my book, if it's pregnant, it's a "she".

If I had a Nickle for every time my milk production went down for a couple of days....

Another cow 'body-blocked' her. The same thing happened to me when I played field hockey.

Pregnant in a manure bog? I've heard of odd cravings during gestation, but this . . .

Calls to mind the milk judging scene from "Napolean Dynamite":
(sip)This one got into an onion patch . . .(sip) This one wandered into a manure pit.

What no snakes?

KDF is in no way in shape or form creepy. She is awesome and much cooler than I.

snork @ Annie WBH

So, wait... why would someone need a 12-foot-deep manure pit?

Also, why does this bother no one else?


WOW! That was fast to load!

*since nobody appears to be watching...

does the "I GOT THE JOB!" dance*

much better.

congrats, ASK! and nice moves...;)

YaY! ASK!!

Arranges kilt rock garden

YAY!!! ASK!!!!

YAY! Rock garden!! Those are the best kind, or at least the easiest to take care of.

I have never managed to kill a rock, anyway.

And thanks, everyone! I kinda figured I would get it, but I was still a little nervous - and it still is not official, but it looks like just a matter of getting the paperwork in order.

huff puff huff puff *drags suitcase full of Tecate up to new thread; falls into chair*

I just want you all to know that as a direct result of this lastest move, I have Little Peggy March-ing through my brain:

"...and where they go I'll FOLLOW, I'll FOLLOW, I'll FOLLOW/ they'll always be the KILTIES, the KILTies, the KILTIES/ from now until..." it takes too long for the thread to load.

*does the "I got posted two days in a row" happy dance*

ASK - but have you ever neglected one?

*is proud to stand next to Sarah*

*is proud to stand next to southerngirl* ☆

*slinks about the shadows*
I kilt my computer.

*hugs ASK*

That's GREAT--I knew you'd get it!

*hugs Sarah*

Wow--I'm in awe of your amazing posting powers.

*hugs s-girl*

Just 'cause.

*hugs everyone else, too*

'Cause I like hugging.

*hugs shadows*

This one feels like a wolfie!

I may not be able to post when im home again. *sighs*
I am not looking forward to going home.

*hugs SSA back*

So what should we call this thread?

YAYYYYY ASK! (If I could find one, there would be a "and the crowd goes wild!" sound link right here, but I can't, so please imagine it.)

*hugs everybody*

*feels for Wolfie, while feeling for Wolfie*

*Feels all around the new thread, inclucing shadows, because it's what we're good at*

*Scrapes fingers on sharp rock*

Who put that there? Ah, need I ASK....?

*Removes tentativitudage from previously posted YAYYYY! for ASK. Sends in warranty registration card*

What should we call this one? I have it as MOO on my bookmark bar (just cause it's short) but I think it needs a name. MOOsik II? Any other ideas?

I called it moovie kilt.

*hugs everybody back*

*is sad for wolfie*

I think we've already had a MOOsik II, Sarah. But this made me think of something else.... In the '70s, a Finnish author named Tove Janssen wrote a series of children's stories about a lovely, huggable group of creatures called Moomins. There are worse things than being a Moomin.

I vote for "Moomin Kilt" because I've never heard of them before, and because they're so dang cute.

even if they don't have mouths or noses

We're mouthy enough to make up for it. :)

They are extremely cute--and they have many wonderful adventures, which I think is appropriate for this group. So I dub us the MOOmin (Most Of Our Minds INtact) Kilt.

dub dub dub dub dub dub dub dub...

You KNOW I love doing that.

Hi everyone who wasn't here when I said hi before!

D'ja ever have one of those lifetimes when everything just went right?

Me neither, but I am determined to make this one go that way from now on. It is amazing how just a couple of completely out of the blue unexpected events can turn everything around!

I just always call them the kilt.

the new sites, not the unexpected events

*does the "I got posted twice in one " happy dance*

*does the "I got posted twice in one day" happy dance*

I kinda liked it better the other way, Sarah.

*smoooooooch* for ASK! I'm so glad to hear it. AND I'm hoping that that potential *FOOM*age you mentioned before might be still contributing to your happiness? Hmm???

(Yes, I'm being nosy. Sue me.)

Everyone, go check out the Miami vs. Dallas thread on the MB. A few goobers showed up to trash Dave for poking fun at Dallas, and ASK just did an outstanding, effective, and very classy job shutting them down.

*smooches ASK, is proud to be a Kiltie and an FOD (Fan of Dave)*

YKWY(NY)ADBBAW it's the first thing you check in the morning
(my email alerts me when I have messages and usually in the morning there aren't any)

Well, I just said what I think, anyway. No place for that on the blog, imho.

Sharon - be nosy all ya want. Not just potential, anymore, and yes - she is the underlying (no pun intended) reason for my new and improved outlook. People just respond better to this ridiculous smile than they did to the old sneer.

As far as the job being unexpected - I didn't apply for it, they called me asking for an interview. I showed up in khakis and a Hawaiian shirt with all the earrings in and basically just saying, "yes, I'm good enough to show up like this - now what do you have to offer?" And they basically offered whatever I want. I like that kind of offer. When I went back this morning, I dressed a bit nicer, but kept the attitude. It worked, but when he introduced me to the assistant principals, the principal did say that he was a bit disappointed that I didn't have a Hawaiian shirt on.

Actually, I know because I knew immediately what "YKWY(NY)ADBBAW" meant.

And it is the second thing I check - I always have e-mail.

And I am proud to be able to say that I knew the famous Sarah J when all she did was make cupcakes.

yet another one from me - the job is now official.


Okay, now we need to suck up to Sarah J, because we really need some cupcakes.

oh please, oh please, oh please, oh please, oh please...

*is inspired by ASK's new outlook and very happy for his great day*

Congratulations, ASK! And I like the principal's principles.

(I'd wait a week or so before showing up in the grass skirt, though)

Woo Hoo!!!

*high-fives ASK*

Congratulations, and I'm SO happy for you. Good stuff happening in both your professional AND personal life...I'm grinning like crazy for you over here.

You deserve it, too.


ssa's crazy smile

That is a great smile - but I kinda imagined ssa being a little more...legal.

It's her smile on someone else's face

Thanks, Sharon. I'm not sure what I did that the karma train finally pulled in this way, but if I find out, I'll sure keep doing it!

Betsy - school doesn't start for a couple of months, so I'll be able to keep the grass skirt on until August.

Kay - I seem to recall you had a job opportunity coming up somewhere in the future - I'll send all the karma waves your way for that one when the time comes.

Sarah, sweetie...I love you, but that is NOT my smile.

THIS is my smile.

I just get a "tripod image" there Sharon.

your smile is green and blue dots?

Oops. Let's try this again.

...or not. Humph. Nevermind.

Its okay Sharon, we know you are cute.

*snork!* Thanks, ASK!

Time to go handle more RL stuff. Back late - after the game.

My prediction - Split in Dallas, Mavs take 2 in Miami, then finish it up in game 6.

But Shaq seems awfully inspired.

sure it will happen.

What was it that Dave wrote to Shaq.

Welcome to Miami, Start winning!

Onto other subjects.

Moomins sounds familiar. Will they be going door to door? If so, I have been trained in it.

Alfred!! Seems like it's been a long time since you've been around

yeah, Alfie, like since October 25, 2005 or so (last kilt site, for all you moomins out there)

Sorry, finals got a good hold of me. Then the day after I just slept. Barely woke up this... afternoon.

Vacations are so nice. I guess I just needed a weeks break before getting into things again.

Boy am I, I will be taking Summer Classes.

Oh and in case anyone is in the need for surplus tacky paintings.

My grandparents own a condo. I get nostalgic for the old paintings in it. They feel like some one decided to make the most generic art possible.

After looking thought this, I could decorate an entire apartment for less then a $1000. My mother would have a heart attack though.

Tacky art gives me heart attacks too, so I won't click on the link

oh ok.

The furniture is pretty funny as well.

Oh yeah, something interesting.

One side is a game called real-life and the other is a picture of a town called crysis. Which one looks computer rendered.

I was kidding, that art is really really bad

Wee are gathered here today, to mourn our loss of SarahJ. She was a wonderfully cheery soul but she looked at tacky art and died of Heart Failure.
May she rest in peice. And may the after life give her much better art from here on

almost as bad as the MoBA

That is a worthy peice of art. I am truly grateful that they have a museum for such.

Where is the angst section?

If you want a disturbing game try this.

*zips in*
I have lots to say. (Unusual, I know)

1. Congrats to ASK!! WTG!!!

2. Here is a seriously neglected rock garden.

3. I just call these March 18 Kilt 7.

4. I told that dirtbad on the basketball thread he was rude, and DB personally thanked me!!! YAY me!

5. YAY, ASK!

This is March 18 8 for me.

so far 8 have been kilt. We do not know how long this will last. But there seems to dancing in the streets over this matter.

The rock garden has bad chi.

sharon, I saw the picture.

lookin' good!


*grins @ s-girl*


{{El!}} What an honor! To be addressed by His Daveness himself! I'm all envy over here. WTG!!

Actually, I know because I knew immediately what "YKWY(NY)ADBBAW" meant.

Check. Me too!

El, I was very excited for you when Dave addressed you by name! And, okay, I was kinda jealous.

And *snork* at ASK, The Clearly Deranged and Apparently Cute for "underlying."

I was jealous too, but then, don't we all wish we were El?

(except SJ, of course, who is obviously the best possible person she could be already)

I am glad I am not El. It would mean a lot of changes in my life. And the suddenly being a woman part would be the first.

If you had been El all along, it probably wouldn't be that much of a shock. Except maybe first thing in the morning.

Of course, being attracted to A-Rod would be a bit much for me to take.

Yeah, and then wondering if I am in Seattle or LA... That would make me look a little odd. Because they have so much in common, I could wear the same clothes.

There is another problem I suddenly see. Wearing womens clothing, not so bad because I am in fact El. But I might feel odd. Yesterday I had no need for a bra. Today I must wear a wrather sporty one.

And I don't care much to be a lawyer... or a mother for that matter.
Though saying, "I brought you into this world, I will take you out!" with feeling will have so much more meaning.

On the other hand I think El is cool.

I think I broke the internet...

My internet still works, so you couldn't have broken the whole thing

oh good to read.

Well going to a dinner thing with some friends.

Hopefully my parents will figure out that I am going on dates. The last 10 have not been noticed by them. then they complain that I need to go on more dates.

*snork* at Alfred

Tell them! I bet it will make them happy.

UPDATE - Mavs suck, but still lead at the half!

And I am at room 27 if anyone wants to play

N E 1 still awake? Fyi, I'm attempting to fly standby to Oregon to see my sister and my darling nephew tomorrow morning. So if I get on, you probably won't hear from me all day. I'll be too busy singing silly songs and reading Beatrix Potter books aloud. If I don't, I'll be here blowing up kilts and cursing Delta under my breath sometime around noon.


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