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April 18, 2006


(Thanks to Jimmy Madigan)


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How's the new phone, Dave?

*And, no I didn't read the article yet.*

I bet her career is in the toilet.

Just remember, honesty is the 2nd best policy!

So what's the big dealio? I did that once, well, actually a bunch of times, and it was way before 1984. Of course, mom had to change my diaper. And it was never televised. So my bottom-line opinion: just another case of blatant resume puffery.

Random-Good thought. She's all wet!

Takes method acting to new heights...err....lows...

I'm guessin' this wuz a non-speakin' part, so that means she doesn't have her SAG card ... I'm doubtin' that her career is on the fast track ...

her career started off with a trickle, but then there was a stream of offers to play other parts, such as drunk people pissing themselves and roles in depends commericals..

random- I did that in 1984, well, only the last two months of it, I was born at the end of Oct.

"Mom! Dad! I got a part in a movie! Those four years at Julliard have finally paid off!"

"That's great, darling! So, tell, what's your character? How many lines?"

Maybe she wasn't ready for the number one part.

The big news is that she got the lead in The Wiz.

The director said she was perfect for the part.

Dave, I'd just like to point out that your phone situation could be worse. You could have an exploding memory card like the Disappearing German Whore Agent-Man from 24.

Of course this stunning performance left her hopelessly typecast, and since parts like these are not in hot demand these days, the poor thing had no choice but to take lesser known roles as "The voice of Angel #3" in the Angel Soft toilet paper commercials, and "Random pee' stained woman" on several TV hospital dramas and 495 episodes of "Law and Order".

BTW Lisa Bisa, you are too much.

*hands a Golden Snork award to Lisa*

That was priceless. Thank you!

I did it in 1956. Of course it's only 2232 now.

*takes a bow in Marie's direction*

Trillian-hopefully that's a good thing. ;-)

I'm so happy for her that I wet myself.

I bet big brother was laughing.

I am certain that she wanted the non-credited part to never be revealed again.

"woman who urinates herself"

...as opposed to having someone do it for her?

Lisa- Yes it's a good thing. I almost pulled an Anne Sellors.

Remember, when you're on a roll, take a moment to bend down and rip off a few squares for the random urinators of this world.

*snork* @ Trillian

Bravo, Lisa!

Sarah! Me too, except early October. Sweet.

As an actress, what was her motivation? Consuming a six-pack?

Lisa -way to er, go!

Sarah! Adonis! Time for bed!

lauren with an x
I'm still laughing!

Shed a tear for actress Anne Sellors
Whose role didn't help her find fellors
"Guys who saw 'Threads'
Ask if I'm on my meds"
And some pervs just can't wait to smell hers!

Well the director may have thought she was perfect for the part, but she got pi$$ poor reviews!

I'm not understanding how she didn't land a part in this film.

spinner8...she was drained by then.

um, she didnt post her pic? how are we supposed to point and laugh???

Dave: Too shy to be a stalker, so I just enjoy your columns from afar--WAY afar--somewhere in Ohio, fer sure! You columns are so much fun that I'm taking a chance reading them when I'm away from home--I make a fool of myself laughing! Keep 'em comin' pleeeeeeeeeeze!

Yours truly
Alias Crystal

Here is a link to the clip of Anne actually urinating herself (shame on me for never paying attention when someone describes how to create a link, so I'll just give you the URL and perhaps one of you kind bloggers can give me a quick Link 101 lesson):


This is TOO FUNNY. Good on ya, Jimmy!

... um ... wowser ... I guess ...

Good to see all the money spent on majoring in theater was well spent


I thought that was number one?

Hey, it's hard to break into film, and everybody's got to start somewhere, right?

"4 awards and 3 nominations?" It won an award it wasn't nominated for? I'll bet the nominees were pissed.

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