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April 26, 2006




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whoa indeed.

suddenly i feel so left out. oh well... i'll always have the sopranos. and south park. sigh

you kids are such "24" nuts.... where the hell are all your clever/who-gets-shot-in-the-thigh-next comments????

Who gets shot in the thigh next?

la la la...

sorry, betsi, i was sure i was all alone in here! : D

People "uncork" here? Is that even legal in all 50 states?

Whoo-hoo! We got blogged!

Ok, I don't know how to link, but here's another mention/link that we're included in.



Nice to know this is time well spent.
*wanders off to back in what surely must be her closest shot to 15 minutes of fame*

We're semi-famous!

*does happy dance*


"OUCH! My thigh!" THUD

Wow - this is sort of mindboggling... A Times reporter doing a report on a group regular visitors to a Herald writers blog that focuses (at times) on a Fox TV show. I think we've created some sort of vortex.

Wow! WriterDude and AlanBoss got quoted (I don't know Susan Ellingson's nick)... way too cool!

Why didn't they interview Dave and Judi?

I don't think it's so much uncorking as keg tapping or twist top removal..... just sayin'....

sigh... if i have to understand all the comments i'll have to time travel forward to next year to watch this season, but by then you all would be watching the next season...

Is it good if my computer starts groaning from time to time?

Hehe, I just posted this link in the comments section of the blog of the most recent episode.

Congrats Dave!

This was inevitable.

The Dave Barry Blog now gets SO MANY comments during 24 that the blogs gravitational field warps space and time around it.

I worry that the comments during the season finale will create a black hole and suck in the entire web.

Hmmm...wonder if we can get a FEMA grant to clean up after that, what with the Herald being in South Florida.

FEMA? in south florida? dream on...

I believe Susan Ellison is our own Suzy Q. Congrats!

Pssst: Mr. C: it's me. ;)

Dave and judi declined to be interviewed for the story.

Tell me how these 3 got interviewed for this mention and no one else on the blog did, hmmmm?
I am smelling a conspiracy of The First Ramparts-Handbag-like proportions.
Susan E must be Suzy Q, 'eef that iss her reeel name'

Come on, now, smiles everyone! As a result of the article, we may now have blurking visitors.

*High-fives Suzy Q*... Way to go!

visitors? eek!
*brushes hair*
*applies lipstick*

Well. I'm glad I'm not the only one who reads the 24 posts without actually having ever seen 24.

....chockablock with technobabble....


WTG SuzyQ, WriterDude and Alan!!

And WURM!!! Where you been, boy?!

Thanks, everyone!!

"Dave and judi declined to be interviewed for the story."

we did WHAT? nobody asked ME if i wanted to be interviewed... and i surely don't recall anyone asking me if dave wanted to.

Suzy Q - congrats and thanks for bringing the best blog anywhere to the attention of the rest of the world.

How could the writer not mention Steve's re-caps, which are too awesome for words?

Evan Katz, an executive producer of "24," asks, "Why '24' and not 'Judging Amy?'"

It seems to me with Audrey, Kim and Edgar (who could pass for Tyne Daly in the poorly-lit CTU HQ), you've already got "Judging Amy," but with explosions, torture, and cabinet secretaries driving off cliffs for no good reason.

best part, though, is that the only thing I found wrong with that article at all is that for me fox isn't channel 11, it's channel 5

'scuse me, Mr. Times Writer, but I'm far from a technogeek. It took me years to get here; I regard the "24"Blog as my reward for all the technoangst suffered along the way.

Congratulations Suzy Q! Great job!

We are soooo totally famous--in an undisclosed, secret blog name kind of way.

Having seen my first episode and Following this blog. I hope to be able to keep up with the blog on Monday for once.

Judi, perhaps "declined to be interviewed" is code for "this reporter was too lazy to contact."

I used to be a reporter. I know these things. :)

You mean 24 is a show? Now I get it!

I'm guessing MI3 contains Tom Cruise's most impossibleest mission EVER--convincing people that he's not stark raving nuts!

*Bows in humble awe to SuzyQ, WriterDude and AlanBoss*

judi: The reporter told me he emailed you/Dave and that you didn't respond. What can I say?

24-aholic: As to Steve and his recaps, he also wanted to talk to Steve, but I couldn't get Steve to email me so I could pass on the info.

There was a lot more info that I, AlanBoss and WriterDude gave about us bloglits, but you know how it is, not everything gets into a story. I tried to do us proud.

You did ... merely sayin' ...

hmmm, that's curious... where did he email me?

judi: I sent you a message. Also, FWIW, he said he had interviewed Dave twice in the past, even had lunch with him once. I don't know who paid.

I hink I must be going insane. I distinctly saw Pres. Palmer standing, in a breathing state, during the coming attractions clip. Not one person has mentioned that! So, either i have begun hallucinating (obviously an unforeseen after effect of the cloak of invisibility hoodie) or -- I dunno. '24' doesn't do flashbacks (defies the whole real time thing, though Jack used to hit the smack so maybe HE is having a flashback, what with the exhaust in the luggage compartment)

I am dreadfully LTTG, as usual.

Judi (beginning of sentence, have to capitalize, sorry): Angie speakum truth, even though it appears not to be the case here.

Suzy Q: Agree with O.U. -- you did very well indeed.

Mr. C. and sly: Am I allowed to be impressed at the name recognition I apparently enjoy with you two? Even if not, I still am. So there.

All: For the record, I am not and have never been a resident of The People's Republic of Boulder. We live in Brighton, where the preferred footwear tends to be boots rather than Birkenstocks and women tend to shave rather than braid under their arms.

Punkin Poo - we are TOTALLY famous! Juggler of Geese - welcome to THE blog. Our reputation is growing, and precedes us at the same time...

*also bows in humble awe to SuzyQ, WriterDude and AlanBoss*

*Allows all to kiss his ring*

I'd like to thank Suzy Q for puting me in touch with David, and David for using the only remotely funny line that I gave him and completely blowing what little anonimity I had on this blog. :-)

This, combined with my 3 minute appearance on Dr. Phil this week gives me a total of four minutes of fame. I have eleven minutes left.

BTW, I will be stalking.... I mean... seeing His Daveness and Ridley tomorrow morning and RBR in the afternoon at the L.A. Times Festival of Books. If any of the SoCal Bloglits there see a bald guy in a blue Hawaian shirt (in honor of The Blog) come say "Hi!"

Well, obviously nobody proof-read that article before it was printed. Not once but TWICE they had "real-time conceit" - uh, wouldn't that be "real-time CONCEPT"! And the last sentence of the article had me going huh? It was like part of the sentence was printed twice and part was left out.

Valerie: I was warned by the reporter that the editing was horrendous. We have emailed back and forth, and I can tell you with certainty, he does not make errors like that.

Cool - Suzy Q, et al! But Evan Katz is kidding himself if he thinks we comment because the show is so great. C'mon, it's all about the mocking. Evan needs to spend a little time at tonight's party... if he can TAKE IT!!!

See you ce soir! (What are we drinking?)

To stick to somebody like a leech... Walter

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