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April 24, 2006


May we offer a few suggestions?

(Thanks to chicomathmom)


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mmmmmmmm...pop rocks...and first again, except what happened to the KInki University post? It was here for a couple of minutes and then disappeared...

As usual, all the best research is done for the military instead of something really useful.

the tongue could be key in their quest to create the super warrior of the future, giving soldiers sensory powers similar to owls, snakes and fish.

Fish got tongues? Stranger yet: scientists have studied fish tongues?

*cue party noise*
female (w/sultry voice): So, Good Lookin'. What're YOU into?
researcher: Fish tongues!
female: EWWWW!

It would allow soldiers to work in the dark without cumbersome night-vision goggles and to "see out the back of their heads," he said.

Shucks. My mom could do that!

Yeah, AFKAT, I wuz wonderin' the same thing ... wuz that your post first?

Meanwhile, back on this thread ... Probe? And Tongue!?

Obviously, not a G-rated newspaper ...

Oh, and to repeat my first post on the now-disppeared Kinki U. post, rumour has it that Kim Basinger is joining the cast of 24...mmmm

I would like to donate my man to this scientific investigation. He always gets around beautifully in the dark - using only his tongue.

*I so lucky!*

Punkin Poo - again, TMI...

...and yes, we're jealous.

This story has so much potential the mind just boggles.

The best I can do is quote one of the test subjects who said:

"Whuth thid hu hay?"

I offer myself up for the advancement of science. No, not my tongue, idiot!

Punkin: I'll bet he's happy he married you, and not your sister.

Do our enemies have that many female secret agents? Instead of robots they should use this as a recruitment incentive. Hell, I'd go through basic training with the lure of confronting the likes of Xenia Onnatop.

snakes got superhuman senses???


That WUZ your post ... I thot so ...

... um ... I'll hafta post mine now, I s'pose ... lemmesee ... where'd I put it ...

Punkin: I'll bet he's happy he married you, and not your sister.


MOTW -- Most fish do have tongues, but that's probably not what they're talking about here. I imagine they are referring instead to a fish's lateral line, which is a super-sensitive organ that runs the length of their bodies. And they're probably referring to an owl's awesome eyesight and snake's versatile, ultra-sensitive forked tongues and its Jacobsen's organ which is located on the roof of its mouth. It can do tons of stuff -- feel, smell, pick up and identify chemical traces, even a form of heat imaging.

Wavey - TMI....

Hmm, well...I guess I just find that stuff interesting. Nature is never boring.

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