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April 25, 2006


Thank goodness we know better than to blog anyone with a funny name -- especially not a judge, for heaven's sake -- or we could be in real trouble.

(Thanks to Sarah, and Susannah Nation)


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Robert Tops seems appropriate - he could pass for a "top"

Marcel Boogers studeerde Politicologie aan de Katholieke Universiteit Nijmegen. Van 1989 tot 1991 was hij verbonden aan de Universiteit Maastricht.

Translation: Marcel Boogers was often taunted on the schoolyard with nicknames like "Booger Boy" and "Snothead." For three years running, from 1989-1991, he was named "Most Likely to Remind his Classmates of Mucous."

am I the only one who finds it odd that the Observer is reporting on Boner?

I think I saw Richard in the credits for a spank-o-vision hotel channel.

The conduct included throwing pies at the losers, feeding them baby food, making them wear diapers and swatting their buttocks with a competitor's yard sign.

Oh, so it's like Congress.


That's so funny! Two different guys named "Tops"!

Whew...I don't know why you can't post their names for mockery. Anyone with a name as crazy as "Scott Wilson Williams" should either change his name and sue his parents, or he gets what he deserves.

Words of the Sentient:

The obligation of subjects to the sovereign is understood to last as long, and no longer, than the power lasteth by which he is able to protect them.
-- Thomas Hobbes

In other news...Judge Dick Boner sued HIMSELF for sexual harrassment, stating "I just hate my 'Dick-Boner-ness' so much that I had to slap myself with a yard stick, causing permanent injuries which I have decided to sue myself for in the hopes I can recoup my medical expenses from myself."

He was sent to Maclean Hospital for observation.

Judge Boner. He's hard on crime.

We should erect a monument to Judge Boner.

Judge Boner knows the penal system.

Judge Boner, ready for oral arguments.

just don't approach TOO close to the bench..

Nat, that last is one of them thar puns which is funnier heard than read. I haven't figured out how to solve this quandry.

I mean, how many people are going to read "penal" and not think "penile"? Probably all of the ones with Y Chromosome Deficit Disorder, for example.

Words of the Sentient:

Even nowadays a man can't step up and kill a woman without feeling just a bit unchivalrous...
-- Robert Benchley

KAZ, you're right that some puns are funnier verbally. This is why I didn't pun about him being addicted to justice. I would point out that's a member of the bar. I'm sure his staff has made this joke before.

I agree the names are Tops.

A guy is found with a whip and is possible a psychotic killer. All we can think is, "The judges name in BONER!"

I think Kensen is alson funny.

Booger, Boner and Ridicule ... sounds like a Law Firm ... or agnfarb ...

Does NEbuddy notice a familial resemblance twixt the two Tops?

"Dad, I wanna be a doctor, like you ..."

"OK, son ... I'll fix it with the med school thing ..."

OK, see, I was amusing myself by attacking names which were not the attended targets.

But I'm starting to get the feeling that some people here think that the first link's intended victim...well, non-victim, since they know not to post funny names to blogs...really /was/ "Tops".

Silly people. It was actually supposed to be Weterings, you boogers.

Words of the Sentient:

That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it...
--Declaration of Independence

Judge Boner dishes out some stiff penalties.

Excuse me. I meant penileties.

Does he have penal implants?

I'm sure Dr. Booger is an ENT specialist. After all, I had a neighbor that was Dr. Cochburn and he was a urologist. Still not a triple play like college-buddy Peter Richard Wang.

"Motivational spankings?" I am there!

Marcel Boogers studeerde Politicologie aan de Katholieke Universiteit Nijmegen. Van 1989 tot 1991 was hij verbonden aan de Universiteit Maastricht.

Marcel Boogers studied Politicology at the Catholic University of Nigeria. Then from 1989 to 1991 he was in bondage at the University of Maastricht.

Thankyewverymuch. And I don't even speak Netherlandish.

But (!?) some of your comments are around the Nether regions, Guin ... merely noticin' ...

*snork* @ O. the U

What is Politicology and after you finish studying it, do you always have to go into bondage? Is it something that might improve the political system in this country?

adviseur of klankbord... this is what i always wanted to grow up to be. an advisor of klankbord. perhaps klankbord was used in the spanking.

What's so funny? I don't get it.

Hey! I got posted!! And I didn't even know it!!

"Superior Court Judge Richard Boner on Monday unsealed parts of the warrants..."

Am I the only one that read that as "unsealed pants"?

Man, I need to get laid...

Uh-oh, did I say that out loud?

*runs and hides*

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