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April 08, 2006


It says here we're going to trade "bon mots." So I guess we'll need to get some.

Advisory: This site may require you to register. If it does, and you don't want to, be advised that the gist of the article is that when the Rock Bottom Remainders are in Dallas, we will be trading "bon mots."


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Tres bein bon mots!




OK, I'm posting without reading the article for no other purpose than to stop El before she gets out of hand here

Never trade your bon mot unless you get cash and a MTBNL (Mot To Be Named Later).

Lrkr: Nice.

When I read the first about the RBR appearing at the Dallas Scores, I thought that Dave & Co. had come up with the best excuse ever to go to a strip club, since, in NY & vicinity, Scores is a famous "gentlemens' club" featuring exotic dancers of the ginormously enhanced female persuasion wearing little more than too much eyeliner.

I'm cancelling my flight to Dallas, snakes or not.

cool - the article describes RBR as "motley"

FYI, Alan Peppard is a "society" columnist for the Dallas Morning News, so he uses words like "bon mot."

Been blurking for a while and am RVing north of San Luis Obispo in Paso Robles. Didn't fell no stinkin' earthquake either!

that would be "feel" cringes with embarrassment

Hey folks, you can use a site called BugMeNot which will give you fake log-in codes and passwords, so you can view "registration-only" sites with no problems.

Just another public service brought to you by me. Tips welcome.

If you are going to trade bon mots; my favorite is the chocolate ones with the nougat center

No, Dave, unfortunately I was able to see it without having to register.

Right, sly, I thought I'd rather be trading bon bons that the other, but Dave is a sophisticated kind of guy so maybe the French one is his thing.

None of my mots are bons. They're all mauvais.

But I'll trade you six mauvais mots for a bon. It's a good deal.

So? Bon mots are your stock-in-trade. The real question is whether or not you will be sharing bon musique.

Personally, I don't make deals with Death.

(Nor do I play chess or other board games with him. Maybe "Go Fish", though)

No mots!

Mr. C. the tip is - don't give bon mots to Dave, since he doesn't know what they are.

"Bon mots" scrambles out to "No tombs." Just in case.

Have we forgotten the threat al-Sadir issued that Iraqi security forces should not attack their revolutionary brothers, or they will have to suffer the consequences. http://www.mikesnewsBlog.com

Google says the Bon Mots are a band out of Chicago. Maybe you could do some wily trading and not even have to play.

Having trouble resisting the temptation to point out that Dallas' VIP tix are $100, but Denver's are twice that much... as if we Coloradans needed another reason to hate Texas:

1. Houston Texans lure Gary Kubiak away from the Broncos.

2. Texas skiers. Nuff said.

3. Stars fans' loud insistance that Dallas is a more "legitimate hockey town" than Denver because they got their refugee team a few years before we did. (Psst, Stars fans -- how many times have your boys won the Stanley Cup? Thank you.)

4. Roger Staubach. Nuff said.

And now this. That tears it -- I have bought my last bottle of Shiner Bock. (Wait -- have I ever bought Shiner Bock? I may have boiled bratwurst in Lone Star once...)

*zips in*

Good thing Tinkerbell stepped in before I got to French numbers I'd have had to look up!

Merci, Tito! :)
Bon nuit. :)

Given his quote, Springsteen seems wary of the RBR surpassing him. Hence him telling you all not to get better. Shame on Bruce.

So Dave how did you get on a plane from LAX to MIA and end up in Dallas?

With all this talk about bon mots, I had TOTALLY forgotten the threat al-Sadir issued. Thanks for reminding me fav. *goes off to send some chocolate chip bon mots to the troops in Iraq*

bb...on looking at the two web addresses, apparently the threat also involves Mike's lottery. Dag! Our way of life is in serious jeopardy.

Wdude: say whatever justified or unjustified thing you want about my home state, just DON'T dis the Shiner Bock (aka Nectar of the Gods).....

Just make sure you all are using protection.

Let me say for a fact that if the RBRs have ANY talent at all, and I mean ANY talent they have 1,000,000,000etc times the talent of the REALLY crappy and REALLY loud crappy band playing at the block party on the other side of my block right now.

(as my band teacher used to say)

Man, they're not that good.

Merci pour les mots bon ou mauvais! C'est incroyable que Les Remaindeurs de Sous les Rocques (RBR - loosely translated as remainders under the rocks...eh bien) vienen au Dallas. Je crois que les RBR tienen une engagement avec un soupcon du sucess, et bon temps pour tout le monde!

Je voudrais mon chocolate, maintenant!

I'm going to be at the L.A. show! Any word on the personel line up for this tour?

(((Shake ur bon mots)))
((shake bon mots))
(shake bon mots)

oh wait, thats not it...

all sans King, McBride and Blount plus special guests Roger McGuinn, Frank McCourt and Craig Ferguson. And a surprise appearance by Barry Manilow. I'm kidding about Manilow.

Craig Ferguson! Will judi be there?

*zips in*

Love your French post, daisy!

Muy bueno! :)

no, but if she changes her mind and does show, there probably would be a restraining order to keep her away from him

This is what Daisy's post looks like translated:

Thank-you for the good or bad words! It is unbelievable that The Remaindeurs of Under the Rocques (RBR - loosely translated have remainders under the rock. ..eh well) vienen to the Dallas. I believe that the RBR tienen an engagement with a soupcon of the sucess, and good time for everyone!

And yes, I am back.

Thanks Ted! I suspected, (to my disapointment) that Big Steve wouldn't make the trip. Glad I will finally be able to make a RBR show!

Sorry, Dave. We'll just have to trade them here. I'm a teacher, not a big time strumpet, so I'll be in the cheap seats.

seatazz! .. i mean .. Mrs. Swooshman!!
good ta see yer back:)
or front..

Dave Does Dallas! Good move coming here on Wednesday so you have a couple of days to recover after 24. I will so be there! Maybe I can find some bons mots on eBay...

Bon mots

I will see you in the Gypsy Tea Room, Dave.


Don't sweat it. I have adequate supplies of both bon's AND mot's. You got Paulies # and he know you so there'll be no problem unless either one of you tries to use counterfeit currency , bon's and/or mot's. You hear me Paulie? This is one of OURS!. DO NOT EAT.

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