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April 28, 2006


Last night we had a fine show in Denver, including an appearance by Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper, whom we love because he has many excellent policies, plus he owns a bar. There were blog folks in the crowd, and some of them, aware of the very real danger of kazoo injury, took the wise precaution of wearing forehead protection. One of these people was WriterDude, who can be seen with me in the exclusive CrapCam photo below, where we are demonstrating exactly how correct kazoo protection works.

In case you can't see it clearly: WriterDude is wearing an industrial-sized bandage that says FOREHEAD PROTECTION. This blog does not know whether he was wearing any other protection, and this blog does not WANT to know.

Today we head for Los Angeles. Be ready out there.


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Thank goodness I ride the "special" bus! It comes with a helmut!

It looks more like a note WriterDude's mommy put on his forehead to keep him from getting lost.

Oh yippee......I'm first......that's just as good as being at the concert......yeah...riiiight...


Dave, Have you noticed those kazoos look like Russian subs? Perhaps there's an evil plot by the Commies to dent the foreheads of all Americans! Can we get Jack right on that?

I think I like the new crap cam, I may have to upgrade my cell in January when my contract is up.

I like the shirt Dave, even though it was blue. All of my Hawaiian shirts are blue as well.

If Ted wore one of those...he'd still have a mullet.

Dave, it's in these desperate times that new fashion trends are born. Looking deep into the future, say 2...3...heck 12 hours or so...I see throngs of people with these on their foreheads...

You da man, Dave!

Now bring on my Amy Tan pics!

When I read that the mayor showed up, my first thought was that he gave you the kazooo to the city.

Actually, no kazooos is good news.

Just be glad they don't play trombones...

Or, as Monty's wife would say "No kazoos are good kazoos"

She'd say that right after she said "Ouch" and right before "Somebody get my lawyer on the phone!"

way to go w. dude! glad dave identified the bandage, i thought you'd put a post-it (tmthingy) note on your head. which, while amusing, didn't make much sense.

Crossgirl - Don'tcha wonder if Dave got to rip that thing off? And if so, did he do it with glee? And did WD cry?

*must get fulltime job*

Two dudes with 'tude. Anybody know how you protect yourself from Amy (the Whip) Tan?

All I did was do exactly what Dave advised us Denverites to do, which was to wear "forehead protection", which caused Dave to be so impressed that he instructed me and WriterDude Jr. to hop up on the stage and follow him backstage to where the new CrapCam was...

Um, Mrs. WriterDude is about to clock me in the head with a blunt instrument because our flight is taking off roughly three hours from now. We're five minutes from the airport. Ought to be a fun trip. Wish me luck.

Yay, WriterDude! You've been CrapCammed!

i love the idea of a name like hickenlooper. what a great name. i think sid caesar used that name in skits from 'your show of shows'.... but i dont actually remember.............

WriterDude is a cutie!

WriterDude is yummy, even by CrapCam standards.

Protect yourself from Amy Tan? Sunscreen, of course. I'd recommend an SPF 30 or higher, she is stronger than she looks, and she'll burn you if you're not careful.

Well done, WD! Between your RBR t-shirt and your excellent ability to follow Dave's instructions, you have perfected the art of brown-nosing The Blog to achieve backstage groupie status!

I am so. Totally. Jealous!

Great crapcam pic of dave 'n dude!

*waves at WriterDude* Awesome!

How come they don't mention Dave in the RBR ad for LA?


I believe you should have bought a big prosthetic forehead to wear it on your real head.

Because everybody wants prosthetic foreheads for their real heads.


Not only stylish, but offering superior kazoo protection.

So if WD has achieved "groupie" status, does that mean that RBRs groupie total has effectively doubled and is now TWO?

Writer Dude -

Now I know you gotta be making all of this up to impress the bloglets - including the fake photo with the Dave. You let it slip in your last post. "We're five minutes from the airport." Hah! I lived in Denver - NOTHING is five minutes from that airport. Ya can't even get to the car rental lot in five minutes.

** OK - rant over. And, yes, I'm also envious you got a picture with Dave.

So if WD has achieved "groupie" status, does that mean that RBRs groupie total has effectively doubled and is now TWO?
whoa, CR - I still have my headcold and that thought is making me dizzy. Time for more hot chocolate!

Coast, you crack me up.

C-bol, might want to do a little analysis on this morning's coffee additives. I'm concerned.

Nice shot, WriterDude! Did you get to keep the kazoo? Or was that just a stunt kazoo for picture purposes?

motw, i wondered where i caught this cold. please stop snorking all over the blog, you're contaminating the rest of us!

SO JEALOUS of WriterDude! Very, very awesome picture. :)

Punkin Poo -- if you find a full time job, tell me how you did it so that _I_ can find one too, would ya??

Dear Dave,

Here's some material for your gig.

Paperback writers

Paperback writers (paperback writers)
Dear Sir or Madam, did you read our book?
It took us years to write, and the jacket's worth a look
It's based on a label from our favorite belgian beer
And we need a gig, cuz we're tired of being paperback writers,
Paperback writers.

It's got Kotter the Simpsons an angry blender too
Joy Luck lawyer Lee with a booger on his shoe
His son kills a phoenix with an icicle...
Yeah it's pretty crazy and we're tired of being paperback writers,
Paperback writers.

Paperback writers (paperback writers)

We know lots of songs and we even play a few,
And we'll be learning new chords in a week or two.
We can make it louder if you don't like the style,
Or we can dress like Elvis we're just tired of bein' paperback writers,
Paperback writers.

If you really like it you can have the rights,
It'll probably sell millions, top the charts overnight.
If you can't stand it, you can sell it in France
But we need a gig and we're tired of bein' paperback writers,
Paperback writers.

Paperback writers (paperback writers)

Paperback writers - paperback writers
Paperback writers - paperback writers

MeThinks my 4 Head Protection will have

My Blog Name is Kibby F5

written on it ...

followed by *insert witty comment here*

*goes to get case of industrial strength horse head compresses for practice*

Kibby F5,

My Blog Name is Kibby F5, if found please return me to [name and address of Kibby F5's parent or guardian here]

Hey Lairbo! That could work too!

My Blog Name is Kibby F5, if found please return me right-side-up and ship to:


You might try "If found please return me to the nearest naked supermodel."

Or, go with the parents angle, if you want.

Christobol -- that really is very wonderful.

Just a quick review: throw a kazoo at Dr. Laura, throw the drum kit at Barney, and break your guitar over Arianna Huffington's head. Oh, and say hi to Larry Flynt for me, wouldja?

Bumble: sorry for the gender confusion yesterday!

Isn't that a plastic submarine from a cereal box, Dave?

Bravo, C-bol!

Dave: Hi Larry. djtonyb says "hi".

Larry: *glancing up from his newest project Goat Sluts* Hi. djtonyb...did I do a shoot of him with narwhal in '78?

Dave: Don't think so. He's from my blog.

Larry: Hmmph. You interested in the narhal gig?

Dave: Can I keep my blue shirt on?

Larry: Not as such.

Dave: Then no.

i love the idea of a name like hickenlooper. what a great name. i think sid caesar used that name in skits from 'your show of shows'.... but i dont actually remember.............

queensbee, you forgot the Geezer Alert!

MeThinks my 4 Head Protection will have

My Blog Name is Kibby F5

written on it ...

followed by *insert witty comment here*

Excellent, kibby.

(*wonders if he can steal idea. Realizes 'my blog name is Jeff Meyerson' just doesn't have the same panache. Gives up and goes back to listening to WCRE*)

Nice picture, WriterDude.

When are The Remainders coming to Charleston, SC? I want to make certain I'm on vacation.

I'b sobby, crossgirl
*uses Clorox wipie on keyboard and monitor*
*presses POST*

Way to go WriterDude!!

and because no one has said it...

All your kazoos are belong to us.

*settles in to wait for Craig Ferguson*

THIS is what Dave did.

As far as I can tell no one has said this either:

"Kazoos, why did it have to be kazoos?"

But then some things are better left unsaid.

you forgot:
And then there is the whole Kazoo thing.

Goes to find 99 red luft Kazoos ...

...for Dave to sign on Saturday.

*ducks sock full o' nickles*

how bout...
No Kazoo is good Kazoo with Gary Kazoo.


I really resent these "Geezer Alerts" that refer to things I actually remember!!

*dusts off a seat on the Geezer Bus for sthnbelle*

You always hurt (CRRRRUNCH!!) the one you love sthnbelle

Do I at least get to sit in the back of the bus with all the cool kids?

Depends on how long you can stand up. Higgy tends to drive around in circles with the left hand blinker on, so it's kinda hard to keep your footing.

His blinker record so far encompasses three counties - and the trip was only supposed to be five blocks.

King Wingbiawforgetit...

You can go with the GF to her recital thereby greatly increasing your chances of getting laid afterward, or go see the RBR thereby earning the wrath and indignance of said GF but immeasurably increasing your social standing both in real life and here on the Blog.

There's really no contest, is there?

Thanks for the tips, djt and Coast! I've done a bit of the "no seats left on the train" surfing, so I should be ok.

Coast, I was down in your fair city last weekend - took my kiddle to the B & O museum - despite the rainy weather, we had a great time!

Very kool sthn! Too bad ya arent gonna be here this weekend... still lookin for a group to go see the Saltwater Cowboys (GREAT NFA Country/Buffett/Southern Rock/Blusie Kinda Band from Ocean City).

Sounds like fun - wish I could make it!

Have a brew (or two) for me!

There will be at least a few shots of Cuervo involved as well.

Hey Dave, when are you coming to South Dallas?I got beat up there once and the lads "borrowed" my last seven dollars---Meet me at the Banditos lounge, ok?I'll be the one who looks scared~(with a REAL bandage on my forehead

oops! meant to add this ).

I understand about Mrs. Writerdude being anxious about the flight even though it was 3 hours until leaving. Writerdude usually is late or barely makes it on time to flights usually(?) Sounds like my household.

WriterDude: I forgot to mention: You are HOT!

I will be stalking.... I mean... seeing His Daveness and Ridley tomorrow morning and RBR in the afternoon at the L.A. Times Festival of Books. If any of the SoCal Bloglits there see a bald guy in a blue Hawaian shirt (in honor of The Blog) come say "Hi!"

(Yes, I cut and pasted the above from the other thread that I posted it on. I'm lazy, okay?)

And since I can't top Rice Krispy oosiks and forhead protection, I probably won't do any clever, attention getting stunts (unless I get up early enough to look for the pirate hat in our Halloween box.)

OMGBBQ!!! I just caught The Rock Bottom Remainders on CBS- and they were GOOD! Who was Red Slurpee guy on sax?? Awesome job everybody! *Applause*


I stayed up for it too, Targetgirl! They sounded great! And funny interview with Dave, too.

good news

Greetings from Super Southern California.

*waves at el down there in San Diego from Los Alamitos*

*blushes at all the accoldades and accusations of cuteness/hotness*

*looks again at the CrapCam pic Ridley took of us, decides WriterDude's chain is being yanked, seeing that he looks about as hot as Crispin Glover with a hangover and a bandage on his head*

So yeah, greetings from Super Southern -- oh wait, I said that.

So yeah, it's a good thing that we're going sailing tomorrow instead of to the UCLA gig. Otherwise, the RBR's might seek a restraining order against me. Seemingly every member of the band other than Dave (but including his brother Sam) was on our flight and sat within three rows of us. I was still wearing the RBR's shirt Ted gave me in January and which I wore to the gig, because I was severely deprived of sleep and couldn't change clothes before the flight...

I just hope the Polo Blue kept the scent at a pleasant level...

Gotta go -- RBR's are about to air the Craig Ferguson show they taped at about the time we were visiting Marilyn Monroe's crypt. More tomorrow in my neighborhood, after we sail into the Pacific in an attempt to ease the band's fears that they have a 43-year-old white-guy stalker, using his son at the gig and his wife and daughter the next morning on their flight.

But we're good, right, you guys? I wouldn't want to be the reason you don't come to Denver again for another five years.

For the record, it's Mrs. WriterDude who likes to visit celebrity graves when we're here in LA. I swear I am not making that up.

Whoops -- sorry, AlanBoss: I waved at you as we passed all those Hawthorne signs on our way down the 405 from Westwood/Santa Monica/Venice to Los Al.

Well, mentally, at least.

*sits tapping toes impatiently wishing she could be in so cal and meet all the west coast bloglits*

I want one on the black tshirts people were wearing at your good morning america show! You all rock!!!! Where can I get one??

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