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April 17, 2006


There's a photo in the Canton Repository (yes, the Canton Repository) but you may have to register to see it.

(Thanks to Cyndi Schoenbrun)


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First *flushed with success!*

Gee, and I thought plastic flamingos were tacky..

Garden gnomes -- been done. Garden thrones, though, that's a new one on me.

Second *Down in the Dumps!*

It's good to see the Canton Suppository, as it is often affectionately (?) referred to here in Northeast Ohio, getting some play in the blog...

What, no photo?

BTW, my 80 year old mother lives near Canton. I was visiting her yesterday. She is a long-time DB fan. She used to cut his weekly column out of the paper and pin it to the bulletin board next to the phone, so when someone boring called, she could read about weasels and boogers and such. She has a computer, but is reluctant to learn how to use it. I tried to get her motivated by describing the blog to her. At one point she interuppted me to ask "does Dave Barry actually read your comments?" and I told her that it appears that he does, at least some of the time. She said, "Tell him for me that he is too young to have retired."

So, I have passed that message on. Better get to work, Dave. You don't want to push Mom's buttons, believe me.

Cincinnatti better hope this does not become a protest movement.

Hmmm. I wonder if any of those terlits are of the old fashioned high flow variety that actually WORK.

Cincinnatti better hope this does not become a protest movement.

(visualizing throngs armed with toilet brushes and toilet plungers, plus the occasional toilet seat for a placard marching determinedly on the board)

I'm amused that the context-sensitive banner ad I got was a pitch from Sears to "Come to the World's Biggest Playdate with Pooh!"

Is that wrong?

What a crappy idea. At least it wasn't a bidet.

Maybe the man wanted to toilet train his dogs? That is how I would do it.

>> “It’s colorful. It’s bright. It’s humorous. It’s pointed,” Lade said.

Pointed? Ouch!

well, i sure hope all their efforts dont get flushed down the .....um, i mean .. oh never mind.

OK, if their goal here was to get permission to build a privacy fence, they should actually use the toilets in the back yard - the neighbors will be beggin' for the fence

*slips TC his "K"*

*snorks @ Mud*

*zips in*

Grabs TC's "K" and runs off*

Why does he need it anyway? And I do.

So. There.

Robert Frost said, "Good fences make good neighbors." These guys just dropped the 'n' in 'fences.'

Oh Annnnnnnnnie! Literate AND disgusting at the same time!!! Congratulations; *snork*; and shame on you!!!

There was a 'bordello war' in our town during the 1890s. One of the 'houses' was in view of a local school, so the schoolmaster spent a LOT of time looking out the window. He wrote letters to the daily paper condemning all the immoral activity, so one of the madams built a 6' fence around her place.
After that - the schoolmaster wrote letters claiming that, since they could no longer see the house, the childrens' curiosity would be too aroused...Yeah, right...

So ... if they wanted the fence so their grandkids could play safely (be corralled?) in the yard, why don't they get one of those electronic fence dealies ... then just slip a collar on the kiddies ... and ... um ... nevermind ...

Potty humor.....


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