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April 07, 2006


While The Blog's away.

(Thanks to Schadeboy)

NOTE: Please post LINKS ONLY in the comments section if you make your own.


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Will I be the FIRST to be fired?

Wow. That doesn't look AT ALL like Judi.

My puzzle!

i've been looking for a man that i could assemble myself!

Oops, let's try this again: Puzzle!

(this better work)

Second, I guess.

crossgirl - From your mouth to God's ears!

As the Beach Boys say,
Wouldn't it be nice...

Very cool judi, I put him together quite nicely!!! :)

Easy pieces.

Weasel: *Snork*

I think that puzzle skirts the issue.

Here's my puzzle

Adds a little color.
Nice ferret, Weasel... Self-portrait? Or family photo?

I'm off to Key West for a much deserved vacation after a terribly gray and long New Hampshire winter.
I will take a clever photo and make my puzzle when I return. Of course, by then you will all have moved on.

Please refrain from posting anything snorkable until I return. I'll leave a few pre-emptive posts below. Feel free to insert into various threads while I'm away.

Thank you for your cooperation.

1. "Way to go, Coast!"

2. "I'm with you, Eleanor"

3. "SNORK at insom!"

4. "wink, wink, nudge, nudge"

5. "Dave, you evil, evil man"


Punkin' - Give us a wave as you fly over/drive through Fort LaDeDah!

Weasel - have you not been taking your medication?

djtonyb ~ Will do! (If you run outside around 10 am tomorrow, I look down and see if you really do look like an ant!)

what he said!

wish you were going to be able to venture out into the city...

Awww, I put Guin's puzzle together. Cute pooch :)

Here's my official stamp if you're a collector.

Judi ~ Wish you could venture down to Key West! I think we'd have a blast, just us couples (me, hubby, you and Walter!)

Don't worry, though...I'm sure the 2006 Hurricane season will have me back in your neck of the woods with the Red Cross! (Unfortunately!)

I'll have a drink for you (and everyone on the blog!) What's your pleasure?

Here's a little Easter-eypuzzle!
(Warning: May cause cuteness overload)

This one's a little difficult: Tamara "and friend" ;)

Have fun punkin!!! But not so much that you forget everything!

Woo, I just saw TRWC in the loo, and may I say that both TRWC and friend are "aperture friendly". My shutter just snapped.

In the interest of full disclosure, and to get to know each other a little better, we should all post pix of ourselves

SarahJ - just ducky!

Fed - Tribble thanks you. That's when she was a puppy; she is all grown up now. :)

Random: I hope your shutter didn't snap prematurely... !

TRC definitely has some nice pieces!

random - I know who "and friend" is, and you do too...

Punkin', if you're still around, that's TRWC and the orginal punky brewster, whom we kept confusing you for.

Following the theme of hard-on-the-eyes puzzle pictures, I have a new one, as well. You can find it here. Have fun.

sorry, folks - I would have posted earlier, but I was too busy for the past hour (EST) trying to put together Weasel's first attempt at a puzzle. It was missing pieces, and when I'm thru with Weasel, so will he...

Most excellent, Annie!

Somebody hadda do it.

Jack in a kilt - be still my heart - the man has some BIG BRASS ones. It is so not fair that he looks hot!!!

If the theme is confusing puzzles, this one sure to please. You'll lose pieces here too, Annie. It's the nature of the fractal

Myself outside of Gloucester, Mass

Helloooo, Mike! ;)


Have fun, Punkin'! My sis is down there right now, and she didn't even invite me to go along! *snif*

Wave at me, too, as you fly by Miami!

And have a cosmo for me, while you at it. (Yes, I know I'm hopelessly dated, but I *like* cosmos.)

This is one of the America Windows by Marc Chagall (in the Art Institute in Chicago--one of my fave pieces of art). It makes a fun puzzle.

This is one of the America Windows by Marc Chagall (in the Art Institute in Chicago--one of my fave pieces of art). It makes a fun puzzle.

sorry for the double post

Here's my picture

*garnishes Suzy-Q's cosmo with a Peep*

Punkin (or, may I call you Madame...)- How cool! I love the whole New-Age Pagan Crystal thing, and I like it even better when taken with a sense of humor and a grain of salt. If I weren't working all weekend, I'd head down to Key West just to have lunch with you!

Awwwww dj! I'll be home soon.....we can conjour some spirits when I get back!
(Like the ghosts of DB column's past!)

Have fun Punkin!

I'll remember what you said and quote you whenever I get in a fracas, which seems to be happening quite a bit lately!

So I'm glad you're with me! :)

Whoo, hoo!

*licks the peep on my cocktail*

Thanks, tony!!

Okay, am I the only one sitting up on a Friday night, the night after my comprehensive exams, working these puzzles? And if so, what does that mean, aside from the fact I have no friends and no life? Should I just shoot myself now?

I got yer cuteness overload right here!

... and here ... merely sayin' ...

wolfie's puzzle.

Okay, after the ones that were hard on the eyes, how about one that's easy on the eyes.

Wouldn't have played with it if I didn't have the PERFECT picture


(Sorry, I've temporarily lost my mind and can't remember how to use HTML)

Have fun Punkin...

BOOGER @ weasel for missing puzzle pieces


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